Hidden Palms: a summertime hidden gem?


During the past couple of weeks, we’ve had our sights set on the fall TV season. There’s just one problem with that (well, other than the complete lack of lesbians on network TV): It’s not even June. What, for the love of all that is not National Bingo Night, are we supposed to watch for the next three months? This week we’ll try to give you some options for summer viewing.

I may hate myself for it in the morning, but I’ll probably give Hidden Palms a try. It starts May 30 on the CW and is brought to us by Kevin Williamson (Scream, Dawson’s Creek), which means it will either be pretty great or pretty awful. The photos of blonde beauties on the website would seem to tip the scales toward awful, but the characters’ stories seem to be a little darker than their tresses. (Actually, the word “dark” seems to show up in every description of this show, which is a good sign.)

Johnny (Taylor Handley of The O.C.) is fresh out of rehab, while Greta (Amber Heard) is pretty much raising herself. And then there’s Liza (Ellary Porterfield), a “gifted but awkward high school student who conducts explosive science experiments in her garage.”

And Veronica Mars fans will be happy to see Tessa Thompson as Nikki, another rehab survivor.

Throw in Leslie Jordan (Beverly Leslie on Will and Grace) as a drag queen, and I’m intrigued.

Oh, and joining Williamson as an executive producer on Hidden Palms is Scott Winant, who just happened to be involved in a little show called My So-Called Life. I’m a fool to get my hopes up even a little bit, aren’t I?

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