The gossip roundup: 100% Paris Hilton—free!


This week in non-Paris gossip, Cameron Diaz “dates” Drew Barrymore and flashes Ellen DeGeneres; Milla Jovovich likes gaining weight while Lily Allen wants to lose some; Kate Walsh and Amy Winehouse are engaged (er, not to each other) and Denise Richards is back on the market; Katharine McPhee has a beard boyfriend.

1. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore had a girls’ night out and couldn’t get away from the cameras. TMZ has the video. I wish Drew had gone all Charlie’s Angels on the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, Cameron accidentally gave Ellen DeGeneres an eyeful on her show. SFGate says Ellen’s camera crew successfully hid the "wardrobe malfunction."

Diaz said … “I hate double-stick tape; you can always see double-stick tape.”

Comedienne DeGeneres responded, “Well, we saw something else.”

I dunno, Cameron: We’re going to have to make you an honorary lesbian if you keep hanging out (um) with our favorite people. But you’re not my type, so stop sending me flowers!

2. Milla Jovovich is pregnant and enjoying gaining weight. Meanwhile, Lily Allen recently blogged about liposuction. Girls, girls: You’re both perfect the way you are. Actually, Milla, you were way too skinny in The Fifth Element, so I’m glad that has changed, even if only temporarily. And Lily, maybe you should stay off MySpace for a while! We just want to see you smile.

3. You may be sad to hear that Kate Walsh is engaged, and glad to hear that Denise Richards has broken up with Richie Sambora. I feel indifferent about both of those, but I’m unhappy about Amy Winehouse‘s engagement. I’m not opposed to the idea in general, but I wouldn’t call this guy a catch.

(photo: Dlisted)

4. Speaking of bad taste in men, when did Katharine McPhee get a boyfriend? Say it ain’t so, Kat. Or at least say it’s someone more age-appropriate and less skeezy.

(photo: Cele|bitchy)

5. And finally, Melinda Doolittle was robbed. That’s not gossip: That’s just true. I’ll be the first in line for tickets when you tour, Melinda!

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