Counting down to the 2007 World Cup


This year is a World Cup year in women’s soccer. You know what that means: We get to see Brandi Chastain take her shirt off. I’m sure you remember those photos of her with her ripped abs and her Nike sports bra.

I really would like to go off on a tangent about how freaking stupid all the media coverage was, but I won’t. Let’s talk soccer instead.

The World Cup itself happens in September, but starting in June, the U.S. women play a six-game series leading up to the World Cup.

A new video on

the U.S. Soccer website offers an introduction to the current women’s team. The video opens with Abby Wambach, wearing a tight hooded sweatshirt and a pair of dog tags. Later we see Briana Scurry talking about her major talent: She’s "good with her hands."

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t really include any substantial information about the women, either as soccer players or as people. I mean, it’s great to hear that a player likes to go to Cold Stone Creamery on a Saturday night, it really is, but I feel like I’ve seen better videos.

Here’s a list of the current players on the U.S. women’s team. These women don’t have guaranteed spots on the World Cup team; they just have a shot at qualifying.

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