Featured AfterEllen user profiles: Creativity in a small space


It’s time to sing the praises of an AfterEllen user — this time, two users. These avatars do a lot with a little.

First, anabel219. It’s one thing to have a picture of Bette and Tina as your avatar, but anabel219 also makes it very clear how she feels about Jodi. Fun with the “no” symbol!



Next, Washuai. Fans of Bad Girls get the "Nice suit!" reference and love it. Even if you don’t get it, you have to appreciate the fact that you can almost hear Helen’s Scottish accent if you watch the animation enough times. OK, maybe that’s just me. (But hey, Washuai, why no profile? We’re all curious about you now.)



Well done, anabel219 and Washuai — thanks for livening up the land of avatars!

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