Jennifer Garner’s daytime TV dreams


I’ll admit it: I sometimes have a difficult time distinguishing actors from their roles. I know that if I were to see Erin Daniels on the street, I’d say, "Oh, my God! You’re alive!" And if Elizabeth Mitchell were to cross my path, I’d wonder why the jungle had turned to concrete — or, more likely, where Dr. Weaver is. But I don’t think my occasional inability to separate fantasy from reality is the reason I can’t get my head around the idea of Jennifer Garner creating a daytime talk show. I mean, daytime on which continent in which hemisphere?

To me, she just doesn’t seem like the daytime type. But Garner and Lauren Sanchez-Whitesell (the former host of So You Think You Can Dance) are hoping to produce something they call "The View for mothers." Wait — I think that show already exists. You know, the one where everybody talks about kids all the time. Oh, that’s right: It’s called The View.

Sigh. I know, I know: She’s not really Sydney Bristow. But if I ever tune in (accidentally, most likely) to this as-yet-untitled mommy-rific show, I’m sure I’ll be waiting for Garner to suddenly put on a wig and announce that she has to go to Bucharest. Now that would be a cool mommy.

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