After “Idol”: When the swan song ends


So, you’ve just been eliminated from American Idol. What do you do next? Go to Disneyland? (Perhaps to perform in a costume?)

With the current season winding down, and with former contestants making headlines of late, I find myself pondering this question. It can’t be easy to be skyrocketed to nationwide fame, only to plummet into oblivion mere months later. Well, not quite oblivion: It seems even Nikki McKibbin is finally going to release a record.

Nikki sounds OK on her MySpace page — except for those bagpipes. Here are some ruminations on other ousted warblers from this season and seasons past.

1. LaKisha Jones was voted off last night. I think LaKisha will probably have a fairly decent career. If not, maybe she can start a kissing booth. She’s already kissed Simon, so the worst is over.

2. Tamyra Gray has joined the cast of Rent. Hey, well done, Tamyra. We all know you got a raw deal on AI. And since Fantasia‘s doing OK in the The Color Purple, I’m betting you’ll do just fine too. Maybe you two can hang out.

3. Sundance Head got a record deal this week. Really? I was going to suggest that he try to sell his name to a fjord or a tugboat.

4. George Huff has released a gospel single. But he should see if Amy Winehouse wants to do a mashup of her "Me and Mr. Jones" and his "Me and Mrs. Jones."

5. Mandisa has written a book and has an album due out this month. And she’s still trying to shake that homophobe label.

6. Nadia Turner still has the best hair ever.

7. Everybody else has a MySpace page. Seriously. Even Anwar.

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