Kate Walsh owes Ellen a beer


It’s nice to see that Ellen DeGeneres has finally learned how to throw her weight around Hollywood. In an interview taped earlier this week and airing today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Grey’s Anatomy doc Kate Walsh told Ellen that she still wasn’t sure if her spin-off Private Practice was getting picked up for the fall season. With that, the Great Panted One sprang into action. I guess after hosting the Oscars and winning 6 zillion Daytime Emmy Awards (seriously, does she need a warehouse to house them all?), Ellen was feeling out her clout.

To take Kate off pins and needles, she called ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson live on air to get the scoop. His bemused but game response: “I think she is in pretty good shape.” Sure, the spin-off was all but a fait accompli, but it’s always nice to get official confirmation. Plus, how cute is Kate giggling like a teenager and then awkwardly telling her boss, “I just wanted to say have a great afternoon”? Wow, Ellen, can you call my boss and tell him that I need a raise? And two extra weeks’ vacation? And a pony? Come on, let’s really take that clout out for a test drive.

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