Today on “As the Rosie Turns” …


Oh, Rosie O’Donnell. What did bloggers blog about on their bloggy blogs before you rode in on your lez-tastic motorcycle from the outskirts of town and motherhood this year?

The latest word on Rosie’s post-View plans comes courtesy of those paragons of decorum and sincerity Rush and Molloy, of New York’s Daily News. In their gossip column this week, they reported that the erstwhile Queen of Nice might be wresting away the skinny mike from Bob Barker as the new host of The Price Is Right when the old dude retires in June. Barker apparently doesn’t want Rosie for the job (the other possibilities listed don’t really seem like prizes to me either, there, Bob), but I’m more than a little skeptical that Ms. O’D is even considering it in the first place.

Not that I don’t love the idea of candid Rosie interacting with normal folks as they guess $1 for that brand-new dinette set, or Rod Roddy telling people to “Come on down!” to hug the chubby lesbian. (Maybe her blog-comment buddies Jeanette and Helene could become the new O’Donnell’s Beauties!)

But from media reports and Rosie’s own comments, this much seems clear: When it comes to her new show, she’d rather do politics than Plinko. Broadcasting & Cable says Rosie is pursuing many options, including a syndicated talk show, and TV Week speculates that she could be back on the air as soon as 2008 with a new project, provided the suits show her the money.

Whether her new show will be along the lines of The View or an audience-participation jamboree to the tune of The Phil Donahue Show (which Rosie has repeatedly said intrigues her); whether it’ll be daytime or after dark (“late night interests me” quoth the pithy hunt-and-pecker on her blog); and whether it’ll be a cable series or a syndicated chatfest remains to be seen.

But clearly the outspoken O’Donnell is doing the bidding on the Showcase Showdown that is her career: All the major players, including CBS and NBC, want a meeting with her, and all signs indicate that they’re going to give the left-leaning luminary carte blanche. Whatever she decides to do — even if it’s a program about manatee-watching set in Miami — it’s pretty amazing that broadcast big cheeses are falling all over themselves to give an out lesbian tens of millions of dollars to talk at length about impeaching the president.

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