The WNBA suits up, with help from adidas


Spider-Man 3 opens tonight, and Spidey has a new suit. As Spider-Man knows, messing around with your uniform is serious business.

The WNBA also has new uniforms. The league announced this week that it collaborated with adidas to come up with new looks for all the teams. This is the first season adidas has been a league sponsor.

A uniform can make or break a team. It can make you feel like a superhero, if done right. Did you ever play on a team stuck with a fuchsia-and-yellow-striped uniform and a name like “the Sand Gnats”? Yeah, well, it sucks. You do not feel intimidating, no matter how hard you try.

A WNBA jersey can also be a key part of the lesbian wardrobe, a way to let other women know you play for the team. If you’re an average lesbian just out walking around in public, especially in a conservative town or an airport, a WNBA jersey can be a subtle beacon to others. Choose wisely. Will you wear a T-shirt underneath your jersey? Will you put your name on the back, or your favorite player’s name, or something more subtle, like “LESBIAN” with the number 69?

Here’s hoping the WNBA has chosen wisely too. What do you think of the new uniforms?

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