My So-Called Box Set: But will Tino ever show?


My So-Called Life might be coming back. No, sorry, not with new episodes (I know, that was just cruel, teasing you like that), but as a re-released DVD box set of its one and only season. Now, I’m sure some of you are saying, "But I have MSCL on DVD."

Yes, so do I. But that set was a bare-bones, extras-free exercise in finally being able to throw out your old VHS tapes of all the episodes.

This new rumored DVD box set tantalizes with promises of much-coveted bonus material and (dare we dream) new cast commentaries. I am doing Angela’s “Blister in the Sun” dance as we speak. (OK, not really. But in my head, yes.)

Devotees over at the lovingly maintained tribute site are cautiously optimistic about the new set. The reports have said that Shout! Factory, the company behind the great Freaks & Geeks box set, will handle the re-release.

So, let’s dream big. Besides cast commentaries, what extras would fill your angst- and flannel-loving heart with delight? A dance-off with Angela’s Freedom Dance vs. Rickie’s World Happiness Dance? Top 10 Jordan Catalano leans? A my-how-they’ve-grown look at the stars? I’ll get us started on the latter. Discuss.

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