Huck Doll action figures: Your very own pocket lesbian-ish athlete


I haven’t been this excited since I got my Mork and Mindy rainbow suspenders.The Huck Doll line of action figures represents professional extreme athletes, including female athletes.

I came across these in a snowboard shop while I was working ski patrol this winter. Here’s a sampling of the available Huck Dolls and the athletes they represent.

1. Tara Dakides is known as a snowboarder from her five X Games wins and three World Snowboarding Championship wins, but she also competes in surfing, motocross and other sports. Dakides, also known as the Tarorizor, was voted as the coolest girl in sports in 2001 by the now-defunct Sports Illustrated for Women.

Tara’s action figure comes with a miniature of the snowboard she designed for Jeenyus snowboards. Sweet. (She also has her own line of clothing with Billabong, but the action figure isn’t wearing those threads.)

2. Tori Allen got everyone’s attention with her impressive climb at the 2003 X Games, when she was just 14.

Now 18 and at Florida State University, Tori competes in pole vaulting.

Tori’s doll has the Oakley sunglasses, as well as a Petzl helmet, a chalk bag and a pet monkey. Give the girl a Subaru, and she’s set for life.

Tori has been featured in a climbing movie called Wall Rats. According to her bio on her website, Tori grew up in a West African village. My favorite factoid about her? If she could change the world, she would get rid of “jealousy and prissy girls!” Me too, Tori. Me too.

3. And here are the action figures that have no names. OK, the Shane action figure is meant to be a dude, but he looks like a girl I sort of dated once. The surfer blonde could be Lisa Anderson, one of the first female surfers to get real sponsorship money and recognition in the surfing media outlets.

These are way better than my Six Million Dollar Man action figure I had as a kid, but they’re not as cool as the original lesbian action figure: Han Solo with a vest. These women may have surfboards, climbing gear, and even mini pairs of Oakleys, but they do not have a Millennium Falcon.

Which athlete (current or from when you were a kid) would you like to see as an action figure?

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