This test, you must take


This may be old news, but hey, it’s a slow news day today. I have just discovered the Star Wars Personality Test! You know, this brings me back to my youth, when I saw The Return of the Jedi in the actual theater the first time around (not when it was rereleased in the late ’90s). Who did I want to be then? Well, Princess Leia, of course. Why? (1) She gets to date Han Solo; (2) she is very bossy; (3) even while being enslaved, she gets to wear a gold metal bikini!

OK, this may seem like the nascent feelings of a femme, but how things have changed. I just took the test and am very excited to report that I turned out to be Han Solo!

And no, of course I would never manipulate my responses to get what I want. (Hey, maybe I am Han after all …)

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