Gossip roundup: Katie flirts, Sandra restrains, Neve weds


1. When I first heard that Katie Holmes was flirting with someone on the set of Mad Money, my mind went right to Diane Keaton. Adam who?

Oh, whoops. That photo makes them look waaaaaay too May-December. Never mind. Anyway, don’t taint Mad Money for me, Katie: I’ve been looking forward to seeing Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah on the screen together. Hotness!

2. Sandra Bullock has filed for a restraining order against the woman who was arrested for attempting to run over Bullock’s husband. I swear I thought the car was in neutral, Sandra! And when will you see that we’re meant to be together?! You can’t fight destiny!

3. Neve Campbell is getting married. She and fiancé John Light will wed in Malibu, where Neve is filming episodes of Medium. Where’s the medium who will see through this charade and tell Neve she’s actually gay?

4. Keira Knightley is getting sick of the biz: “I can see myself in five years or whatever just giving the whole thing up. I made a decision recently that I want a life instead.” OK, but could you make the original, happy-gay-ending version of Bend It Like Beckham first?

5. Cameron Diaz went to Coachella. Maybe she actually got up and sang a little — in this picture, she’s clearly practicing “I’m a Little Teapot.”

6. The Daily Mail (via Best Week Ever) copied bad machine‘s make-’em-all-bald idea. We’re gonna sue!

7. Pink Is the New Blog has a bunch of writhing-on-the-piano pictures from Tori Amos’ CD release party. Now that’s the Tori Dorothy Snarker has been hoping to see.

8. Dlisted has pictures of the “mini Spice reunion” at David Beckham’s birthday party. (Whoa, there are now two David Beckham references in this blog post — spooky.) Here are Scary Spice and Baby Spice.

(Sporty Spice did not attend. This just provides more support for my theory that Sporty Spice and Lady Sovereign are the same person.)