Talk about a holy trinity: Weaver, Fey and Poehler in “Baby Mama”


Sigourney Weaver is in negotiations to join the cast of Baby Mama, which I’ve been looking forward to since Sarah mentioned it way back in September. It stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a single career woman and surrogate mother, respectively. (And hilariously, I’m sure.)

Weaver will play the owner of the surrogate agency. If that doesn’t exactly sound chortle-inducing, wait till you hear the character’s name: Chaffee Bicknell. Sounds like Weaver might get to dust off that take-no-prisoners attitude she displayed to such fine effect in Working Girl.

This is what (er, one of the many things) I love about Tina Fey: She’s not afraid to do slumber-party humor. You know, like you’re at a slumber party in the fifth grade, and you’re making up your own movie, and one of the characters is a high society type. So you say, “I’ll call her Chaffee Bicknell. She doesn’t have to work because her husband is a trillionaire, but she likes to take the Lear jet around to all the hospitals and do life-coaching sessions with the terminally ill patients.” We all did that, but Tina Fey actually wrote it down.

Oh, wait. Tina Fey didn’t even write Baby Mama: Michael McCullers did (he’s also the director). But that’s almost the same thing, because McCullers was a writer on Saturday Night Live. So you know he got plenty of Fey-rific tutelage.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see this movie, which I suspect will be the antidote to all the hokey baby-making movies everywhere. Shooting starts in May. The question is, will Tina ask Alec Baldwin to do a cameo? Now that would be edgy humor.

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