Is Jorja Fox leaving Las Vegas?


TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello thinks Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) might be killed off CSI, thanks to Fox’s failing contract negotiations. Sidle’s relationship with Grissom (eww) is supposed to “come out into the open” in the season finale, and Sara will also go missing when the Miniature Killer returns.

I used to watch CSI, but the whole Sidle/Grissom thing is ridiculous. It really should have been Sara/Sofia (Louise Lombard).

Or at least Sara/Catherine (Marg Helgenberger).

So I hope Jorja does leave the show. She could do a lot better. Maybe she could even, hmm … join the cast of The L Word? Perhaps Helena Peabody will head to Vegas with all of Catherine Rothberg’s cash, and Sara Sidle will have to investigate.

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