Queen Latifah becomes Queen Edwina


Queen Latifah will star in a remake of All of Me, the 1984 film with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. Latifah will also be an executive producer on the remake.

I get excited at the mere mention of Latifah’s name, but I’m not sure All of Me should be remade. If you haven’t seen the original, Netflix it now — it’s great. I doubt that kind of symbiosis is easy to reproduce; Tomlin and Martin complement each other so perfectly. It also seems sort of soon for a remake. After all, Martin and Tomlin are probably still more than capable of reprising their roles.

Variety also reports that New Line originally hoped to cast Wanda Sykes in the Lily Tomlin role. Hmm. Clearly they’ve always intended to make the new Edwina Cutwater a lot more badass than the original one!

The real question is, who will take on the Steve Martin role? There aren’t a lot of masters of physical comedy these days. That sidewalk-crossing scene seems pretty challenging.

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