Sara Ramirez sings


Sara Ramirez, otherwise known as Callie on Grey’s Anatomy, will make a solo album this summer.

Ramirez is no stranger to singing. She went to Julliard and has warbled her way through several shows on Broadway, including A Class Act, Fascinating Rhythm, The Capeman and Spamalot (she won a Tony Award for the latter).

I’ll confess that I’m no longer a regular viewer of Grey’s Anatomy, but when I do watch it, I’m all about Ramirez. She’s the perfect antidote to the whiny, wimpy Meredith Grey. Callie is just plain gorgeous, not to mention strong and charming and funny — let’s just go with incredibly sexy. And it sounds like Ramirez’s album might be funny (and sexy) too:

“All I can say is that Eric Idle and John Du Prez, who were the writers of Spamalot, are writing the album.”

Whoa. Really? Well, with any luck, maybe she’ll do a version of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” (whistle here)

Ramirez says her dream role is the lead in Evita: “That show rocks.” Yeah, and it would definitely rock with you in it, Sara — I’d say you’re ready to step behind that podium any day.

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