Your July Book Club Selection Is…


And Playing the Role of Herself by K.E. Lane — which a few of you kind souls informed me actually started out as a Xena fan fiction. Which makes me all the more intrigued.

You can buy both print and Kindle copies on Amazon, or if you want to help support a business that showed signs of serious demise this week, you can purchase it at Barnes & Noble. Or as always, if you want to contribute to real independent businesses, find it on IndieBound. Or just borrow a copy from your lesbian friends, as this seems to have been pretty widely read already.

I’ll be posting some poetry thoughts from June’s selections early next week. The discussion post for And Playing the Role of Herself will show up at the end of July. Until then, keep track of all things geeky and lesbian on our book club Tumblr and Goodreads group.