“Push Girls” recap (2.03): “Tiphany’s Missing Sister (Part 1)”


In the latest episode of Push Girls “Tiphany’s Missing Sister (Part 1),” our favorite out cast member is trying to track down her sister. Tiphany’s sister Katie has been addicted to crystal meth for over 10 years. A year and a half ago, Katie went missing and Tiphany desperately wants to hire a private investigator to find Katie. Sadly Tiphany she isn’t getting the support she wants from her father. It seems as though after a long struggle, many family members have given up on Katie and are choosing not to get their hopes up that she will ever get sober.

Meanwhile, Mia and her friend Pauline head to a salon for a day of mani-pedis. It’s Mia’s first professional pedicure. In the past she was too afraid her legs would spasm and freak the nail stylist out, but Pauline reassures her that it’s all going to be OK. These two are on a diehard mission to track down guys. After a day of pampering Mia and Pauline head to a bar to look at the male merchandise. A dark haired boxer comes over to the table to chat up Pauline while Mia feels left out in the cold. Before her accident, Mia claims, she never had a problem dating but now she’s lost.

Since she’s unsure what to do next, Mia goes to dinner with her friend Barak to get some male insight. Barak hints at the fact that he likes Mia but she’s always looking for something better when she’s in a relationship. Mia insists that she’s ready to settle down. I have a feeling this relationship is a to-be-continued situation.

Over in Auti’s world, this wild child is mentoring newly injured patient named Sonny.

Sonny, with whom Auti has palpable chemistry, was only 26 years old when he had his accident and he’s still mourning his old life. Sonny jumped into the shallow end of a pool (thinking it was the deep end) and is now paralyzed from the chest down. Auti helps get Sonny out of his house because he has been too depressed to leave since his accident. These two cry together and seem to have a strong bond even after only a short time. I hope we see more of Sonny.

Tiphany, who is sporting an equality sticker in the front of her silver, tricked out Mustang, stops by her father’s house to talk about her troubled sister. Tiphany tells them that the private investigator she hired found Katie living in a drug-infested trailer park. Tiphany wants to gather her family together to stage an intervention but her father and stepmother can’t handle any additional pain from Katie. Without the help of her father, Tiphany and her cousin, Lisa, drive to the trailer park to find her sister.

Next week: Tiphany finds Katie, but is she willing to accept help with her drug problem?