Morning Brew – Mon. June 17: “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” wins daytime Emmys, Naya Rivera and Shay Mitchell at the MuchMusic Awards


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The New York Times wonders if lesbian sex in literature and film is ever really that realistic. The writer finds that we’re usually exploited.

The Australian interviewed Gigi Chao, who still loves her dad despite his trying to sell her to a man that could turn her straight. An excerpt:

I don’t think you can be certain that homosexuality is something you are born with. I am more of the scientific point of view that sexuality and sexual identity are something that evolves. It is more of a fluid thing. It is like those fish that can change their gender on a whim. I think there is a fluidity in human sexual identity that can be affected by experiences in life. The ‘born this way’ argument is for Lady Gaga; I suppose it does stop people trying to ‘pray you straight’. The really important thing – and I think we are still some way off this in Hong Kong – is whether this society can learn to respect people rather than judging them.

A huge congrats to Liz Patrick, the director of The Ellen DeGeneres Show for her big win (best director) at the Daytime Emmys over the weekend. The show also won its seventh trophy as outstanding talk show – entertainment. Sara Gilbert attended the awards where The Talk‘s make-up team won for making the hosts look so good.

The crew behind “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

I like this “for your consideration” Emmys drawing of Arrested Development.

Out model Harmony Boucher posed for the new issue of Ponystep magazine.

Some of your faves were at the MuchMusic Awards in Canada this weekend.

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