“R&B Divas” recap (2.7): Sticks and (Brown)Stones


In any case, we now step away from the serious talk and get back to Nicci Gilbert. And get ready, because some shit is about to go down.

We learn Angie is fully on LaTocha and Syleena’s side, while Mo, always the voice of reason, is like, if you don’t feel right with the charity show, don’t do it. Plain and simple. And, of course, she is totally right.

But I also understand the other divas feeling upset on this one, if just because of how adamantly Nicci has pushed against them in the past on the very same issues. So Angie steps up and confronts Nicci at her office. And hooey, here come the fireworks.

Angie starts it off by saying that she feels Nicci lied to them, because she looked up her charity online and couldn’t find anything about it. “Oh, it’s not established yet,” Nicci responds. Angie thinks she could have clarified this at the meeting when everyone started to throw money at this “charity” for her. Instead of responding to this, Nicci kicks into defensive mode, taking this as an attack on both her business and her family, since the charity was her daughter’s idea. She tells the camera that she wishes she could kick Angie’s “big ass” out of her chair. Now, first of all, one doesn’t talk to Angie Stone that way, and secondly, for someone who works on a clothing line aimed at making plus size women feel sexy, I think it’s REAL messed up to use “big ass” in a derogatory way, Miss Nicci Gilbert.

It then turns into a real screaming match, with Nicci lying every step of the way with TVOne, once again, having the video flashback evidence to prove it. Snort. So over it. I don’t want to completely trash Nicci, and I know she (and her daughter) have a lot of good ideas and good intentions. But without a doubt, she can be the most immature person on this show. Dare I say she can even act more childish than Keke Wyatt. Or maybe it’s just that Keke Wyatt acts childish because of her inherently silly personality, and Nicci Gilbert acts childish in a way that’s mean. And I don’t play that way.

The previews for next week’s episode have me on the edge of my seat. While the Nicci drama continues to blow up, the real dynamite is a scene where Terez finally tells Monifah that she will not move to Atlanta — I repeat, will not — which segues into Mo crying hysterically into Terez’s chest. No! Do not like! No! Why is this happening?! I need next Wednesday to be here right. now.

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