“Push Girls” recap (2.03): “Betrayed”


On the latest episode of Push Girls, appropriately titled “Betrayed,” Angela is in need of a new caregiver while Chelsie and Auti have some serious dramarama over their dance crews. (I wanna join their dance crews!)

First up the lovely Angela heads to the tattoo parlor Freak Chic. Angela gets a small flower tattoo on her wrist that she says symbolizes her “past, present and future.” The future is what Angela is focusing on since she is now officially divorced and is currently looking for a new caregiver so her Auntie Judy can return to work. Angela reveals that after her accident she lost a lot of friends but her Auntie has always been by her side. Angela calls her Auntie her “soul partner” and her “partner in crime.” Although I doubt these two sweethearts commit crimes. After many candidates Angela finally hires a woman she feels comfortable with named Nguette.

When asked “Do you cook?” Nguette responds, “Girl, I can cook!” Angela smiles and shouts, “You’re hired!” To celebrate Nguette and Auntie dance around Angela’s bedroom and it’s adorable to watch.

Meanwhile the rest of the cast is revving up for the The Abilities Expo. Tiphany describes the event as “a serious shopping mall for those with physical disabilities.” I’m talking tricked-out SUVs, bionic suits, wheelchair treadmills and even a tank shaped wheelchair. Tiphany tries out a new product that is a standup wheel chair. But once Tiphany gets eye level and looks up and she starts to cry. (I want to give her a hug.)

Now over to Chelsie’s dance crew Team Hotwheelz. Auti is really upset that she’s not included in the team since she taught Chelsie how to chair dance. Auti has her own dance crew called Colors in Motion and Chelsie left the team to form her own. The stinger is that Chelsie invited Mia to join the team but not Auti. Ouch!

Auti is upset by her troubled relationship with Chelsie so she talks it out with Mia and Tiphany. Tiphany tries to explain to Auti that she isn’t always easy to talk to since she’s intimidating and dominating. In the end Auti sucks it up and goes to the Expo to watch Hotwheelz dance. After a terrific performance everyone applauds and cheers, except Auti who looks like she’s going to burst into tears.

After the show Chelsie signs autographs and Auti pulls her aside to have a private conversation (which is being recorded and watched by the masses on the Sundance Channel.)

Auti reiterates what everyone already knows, she’s hurt and angry at Chelsie. Chelsie apologizes for her hurting Auti and tries to explain why she formed her own group but Auti just doesn’t want to hear it and keeps interrupting her. Finally the women agree to disagree and Chelsie says, “I’m over it. This is high school crap.”

So I guess only time will tell if these two will make up and dance together in the future. But more importantly where’s our tattoo-faced lesbian Liz?