The most “holy wow!” moments of “Orphan Black”


Orphan Black is over now, and man, what a trip. The season finale alone was mind-blowing, but the entire season had a plethora of amazing moments that made us go HOLY WOW! And want to throw trophies at Tatiana Maslany. (Metaphorically, of course. We would never want to hurt that perfect face.)

Here are some of my personal favorite moments from the five main clones of the first season.

Beth Childs

I know we didn’t get to see much of the actual clone Beth outside of the videos that Sarah used to impersonate her, but the one moment we saw of her over and over again throughout the series, that moment of utter devastation, when seeing Sarah was the last straw when she didn’t have any straws left to give.

Sarah Manning

Sarah was an early favorite, from her accent to her snark, and stayed pretty amazing throughout. She’s not perfect, but that was part of her charm. I think my personal favorite scene of hers was when Art sent her chasing after Helena and between the running and the gun-fumbling it was clear that she had bitten off more than she could chew, impersonating a police detective.


Just. All of Helena. She’s like a rabid puppy who keeps trying to claw yours eyes out, but is just so FLUFFY and wants to be best friends. That diner scene! I’ve never wanted to hug a person and run away from them so badly at the same time.

Alison Hendrix

Craft room torture. It was the beginning of the end for Alison. That whole episode, she was just unraveling. I have a feeling Beth was sort of the ringleader of the clones before she died, before the pressure got to her to the point of wanting to end it all. Alison took over as leader and cracked under the pressure, too. Her life had been neat and tidy, and then it was just so full of not knowing. Unlike Beth, Alison didn’t take it out on herself – she instead took it out on everyone around her. Starting with Donnie. And it was brilliant. It was funny and disturbing and sad and just amazing.

Cosima Niehaus

Cosima giggles are always my favorite, and I’ve loved her from the first time I saw her smile, but when she was losing it on Delphine, angry at the beautiful French woman who fooled her, angry at herself for letting herself get fooled — that’s when I realized how much I cared. The tears in her eyes and the pain in her voice when she just screamed “Get out!” made the whole scene absolutely heart-wrenching.

Across the internet, I’ve seen more and more people talking about the show and Tatiana’s breathtaking performances. The article says we have until June 28 to convince The Academy that Tatiana AT LEAST deserves to be nominated as Best Actress, if not Best Actress three times and also Best Supporting Actress even more than that.

I’ve watched many interviews with Tatiana, and in them, she often mentions how technical filming can get, because she has to be even more aware of marks and eye-lines and timing than usual, since she is acting opposite herself. She has to make sure she’s making movements, looking in the right place, and speaking so that it coincides with the other clone’s scene she has already filmed. The fact that she can still express such emotion, such personality, such authenticity, into each scene among all the technicalities further proves my point. All. the. awards. Please.

The Critics’ Choice Television Awards are tonight, andTatiana Maslany is nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series, along with some pretty big names — Claire Danes, Vera Farmiga, Julianna Margulies, Elisabeth Moss and Keri Russell. This is a good start!

Depending on who you ask, Maslany’s chances for an Emmy vary. A Variety article says that “BBC America operates on the outskirts of Emmytown,” while The Hollywood Reporter says her performance puts her “firmly on Emmy ground.” (p.s. Can one own Emmy ground? I want to live in Emmytown. It sounds like a wonderful place.)

Even if she’s overlooked for this year’s Emmy, people do seem to be noticing the show now that it’s over and the internet hasn’t stopped talking about it yet. It will be interesting to see if Season 2 holds up to the excitement of the first, or catches more attention with people discovering it during the hiatus. Will the hiatus be too long for people to still care by the time it returns? Is the show just too different to be considered? We’ll have to wait until Spring 2014 to find out, I suppose.

Until then, I’ll be patiently awaiting the release of the AfterEllen Hot 100, because I know she was on the top of my list.

What moments in Orphan Black most made you want to throw metaphorical trophies at Tatiana?

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