“Defiance” recap (1.07): Hot Shtako


Previously on Defiance, Irisa learned the PTSD nightmares she were having were actually a superpower, Amanda swerved around town with her braid of justice, and Stahma bragged about getting hugs in the street from Kenya.

We open on a vision Irisa has that involves the Irathient of Oz and a dragon. Not gonna lie, I would not hate it if all the Irathients started calling Irisa their khaleesi. When Irisa wakes up, she knows she has to go save Sukar from the Razor Rain, which is basically just hellfire and shrapnel falling from the sky. Terrifying. Irisa lets Nolan tag along in an attempt to start his penance for making her think she was crazy for most of her life.

When they get to the badlands, the Freedom Riders tell them they’re too late, the Razor Rain killed Sukar. But they’re just in time for the funeral! And by funeral I mean body boiling. Actual double double toil and trouble shtako going on. Irisa (beautifully) sings an Irathent mourning song that she must remember from her childhood. Amazingly, instead of ensuring he is really most sincerely dead, the ritual ends up making Sukar come back to life. Though I would have gone right back under the water if I woke up from the dead to see a woman with antlers singing to me.

The Little Wolf follows the zombie Sukar around, confused but desperate to go where her vision leads her. He leads her around as he stomps around on a very purposeful path of destruction. Irisa does her best to keep his destruction to inanimate objects only.

Up on the top of the arch, Alak and Christie are fighting. The tiny human doesn’t want to bathe with Stahma — which, what? She’s being all rude about it, too. I’m hoping it’s just because Datak The Creepy would also be there. Though to see Stahma in her bathing beads, it would probably be worth it.

Amanda and Nolan, the mayor and her lawkeeper, are trying to make sure everyone is safe during the Razor Rain, and find Tommy bleeding out from trying to save some idiot who thinks he’s “hot shtako,” challenging falling debris. They take Tommy to Doc, who tells them that a very alive Sukar and Irisa ran through here, stealing some of her super-high-tech equipment.

Eventually Nolan and Amanda catch up with Irisa and Sukar and Nolan shoots Sukar right in the chest, a lot of times, despite Irisa’s protest. They take him back to Doc, who finds out that it wasn’t the Irathient god that rose Sukar from the dead, but a million tiny robots sent to save Defiance from a robot meteor. Even though he’s a vegetable, Irisa says that if anyone harms Sukar, she’ll cut them.

Meanwhile, back at the McCawley residence, the Evil Old Lady is trying to find the tiny golden pie. I’m sure this storyline will be important someday, but for now it was just broody and not that interesting. On to the good stuff!

Stahma goes to visit Kenya at her brothel, and asks her to teach her son the complicated sexual ways of humans. She wants her son to be able to please his soon-to-be wife and find the mysterious G-spot that it took humans so very long to find. She’s asking Kenya directly because she trusts her capable hands. Kenya ALMOST keeps a straight face through the whole thing until Stahma starts to talk about how she wants Christie’s father to be so proud when her daughter tells him about all the crazy-awesome sex she’s having. That’s when Kenya starts laughing and trying to explain that no matter how amazing the sex is, her father would be the very last person to hear about it. Stahma is highly offended and not accustomed to having people bruise her pride so she starts to storm into the storm. Kenya’s voice softens and she asks her to stay for a drink to apologize for mocking her.

They chat over drinks, though Stahma rebuffs Kenya’s offer for a refill. As the name of the joint suggests, Kenya’s all about peoples needs/wants and she tries to discuss them with Stahma. The beautiful Castithan opens up and admits that as much as she loves her husband (ugh, why?) and son, she sometimes feels like her life is all about them. She admits, “I want things, too.”

The last time Stahma did something just for her was back in the old world when she would do spoken word poetry. (Snaps for that.) Kenya encourages Stahma to do something just for her. Kenya smiles at her and asks, “Do you want to dance with me?” Stahma’s eyes light up and she says she’ll have that refill after all.

Turns out by “dance”, Kenya meant “dance in the sheets while naked” because they next time we see those two it is very obviously post-coital. Stahma is drunk — not from the booze, but from the excitement of not only having just had Kenya literally, but also of having a secret, something separate from her family. Something that’s all hers. Kenya’s like, “OMG Datak would like totes freak the freak out if he knew we did this” and Stahma’s like, “No, Datek would literally go all Ramsay Bolton on us and skin us both alive.” Man, nothing kills the mood like a little talk of potential murder. Just kidding, literally nothing except the actual appearance of Datek could have taken away from the sexiness of this scene.

Kenya’s not worried about Datek, because it’s hard to worry about anything when you have a naked Stahma in your bed. Instead, she kisses her Castithian friend, and kisses her and kisses her and kisses her.



Source: defianceworld.tumblr.com

How many times have you watched that scene since Monday night? What do you think the future holds, if anything, for Stahma and Kenya?

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