“Push Girls” recap (2.01): “Strange Love”


Welcome to the Push Girls Season 2 premiere recap “Strange Love.” To watch or re-watch Season 1, click here.

This season’s first episode starts off with our blonde bisexual Tiphany riding a mechanical bull.

Tiphany is celebrating her decision to finally move out of Angela’s house and live on her own. Angela is supportive of Tiphany’s relocation (i.e. she will not miss hearing Tiphany having loud sex). But Mia is concerned that Tiphany might not be ready for total independence.

We fast-forward to moving day and Tiphany loves her new tiny apartment. Mia, being the more practical of the two, is worried because the place isn’t on the ground floor. So the girls do a practice-run and escape the building on the stairs in their wheelchairs. They successfully accomplish this task, but with a few mishaps. (Mia almost bit it on the last set of stairs.)

Now let’s head over to couple Auti and Eric. These two have been married for five years and things aren’t going well. They are fighting all the time and Eric gripes that Auti isn’t financially contributing to the relationship. Auti snaps, “I’m Oprah and you’re like Stedman.”  A comparison Eric doesn’t like. (Eric prefers Gayle.)

Meanwhile, Angela is finalizing her divorce from Dustin. These two have been together for 13 years and it seems they are on fairly good terms even though they are parting ways. Since Angela is a quadriplegic and needs around the clock care, she’s considering selling her house and moving into a convalescent home after the divorce. Angela’s aunt gets very emotional and warns her that her freedom might be sacrificed if she moves into a group home. Auti encourages Angela to keep her own place and Angela agrees it’s for the best. In the middle of all this big decision making, Auti stops by and vaguely reveals what’s going on in her marriage. Auntie suggests marriage counseling, an idea that brings Auti to tears.

When Auti returns home she brings up the idea of counseling to Eric and he is hesitant. Eric explains that as a child he went through counseling a lot so he’s not eager to go back. Auti somehow convinces Eric to meet with a therapist, so hopefully they can work out their problems. In the doctor’s office, Auti and Eric sit facing each other and reveal that the last time they fought it became physical. Oh hellz no! Auti explains that Eric no longer trusts her because, in the past, she went out of town, got drunk and “acted not like a married wife.” (I’m not sure what that means exactly but I’m assuming there was some kind of cheating involved.) Auti says that after she came home, she confessed to Eric and he grabbed by her shoulders, picked her up out of her chair, shook her and then dropped her onto the floor. Auti starts to whimper like a puppy, then screams like she’s in an Eli Roth movie.

It was an odd moment for the therapist and for me. After a frustrating therapy session, Auti says she doesn’t know if her marriage can be salvaged. To be continued…

In other news, Mia and Tiphany head to the Los Angeles lesbian bar The Palms (which sadly is closing for good on Sunday, June 9th after 46 years in business). Mia is ready for a ladies night out and says, “I’m completely game to go to a lesbian bar with Tiph. Though it’s probably not the best place to meet a guy.” Um, you think?

Tiphany chimes in, “My first experience with a boy was disgusting. I thought I’d never want to kiss a boy again in my life. I’m so serious. The first girl I kissed, that was an amazing experience and I loved every moment.” You’re preaching to the choir, sister!

What’s Tiphany’s type? Apparently she likes “tomboys, tattoos, business suits and women.” Then Tiphany spots and becomes smitten with a tattooed-face-pierced lesbian barber named Liz.

Tiphany and Liz flirt, tell each other how hot they think the other is and then head out to dine on hot chocolate at a restaurant across the street.  During their quiet time away from the club, Liz and Tiphany smile at each other and discuss their love of not drinking. After snack time the ladies head back to the bar (probably to retrieve Mia, who I fear has been devoured by a pride of lesbians). Reflecting on their mini-date, Liz had this lovely thing to say about Tiphany, “She’s just like the brightest person in the room. She’s a real uplifting person. For me to be around a person like that is awesome.” Then Liz leans in for a kiss and the women begin making out on the streets of West Hollywood.

What’s Tiphany’s response to the pedestrian onlookers? “If people are going to stare let’s give them something to stare at.” Dear Tiphany, I also enjoy being gay at people. Love, Bridget.

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What did you think of last night’s Season 2 premiere? Are you pulling for Tiphany and Liz?