“Orphan Black” recap (1.10): “Up yours, ProClone!”


Previously on Orphan Black, Cosima told Delphine she was bad at making crazy science, Sarah couldn’t kill Helena so she shoved her in the trunk, and Alison said “eff it” and lost her damn mind.

Sarah has kindly removed Helena from her trunk — and zip-tied her to a pole in the basement. She introduces her to their birth mother, Amelia, but Helena was raised by nuns and doesn’t quite get the concept of surrogate mothers, so she tries to call Sarah’s bluff. But the idea that they are twins, actual sisters, intrigues her. Sarah points out that this means Helena’s not the original, that she’s the same as all the others, but I think the little psychopath is beyond reasoning with.

While they’re downstairs, Mrs. S rifles through Amelia’s belongings, and finds a picture in her bag, but is interrupted by Kira making creepy child prophecy predictions.

The basement family reunion gets interrupted by very aggressive door-banging. Sarah runs upstairs to find herself ambushed by the police officers she had been playing cop with and arrested on the spot, with little Kira watching intently from the stairs.

In the midst of the chaos, Helena manages to knock an entire support beam over with the strength of her anger and escapes through a window, free to be absolutely terrifying wherever she wishes.

Meanwhile, in the suburbs, just when you think she couldn’t get any more adorably absurd, Alison is doing a hip-hop workout.

source: orphanblack.tumblr.com

The doorbell rings and she flounces over to find Dr. Leekie lurking. He offers the housewife clone a — treaty of sorts. Well, first he offers her answers, but all she wants is for him and his Neolutionists to leave her the hell alone. His treaty is supposedly just that — a promise that she’ll be safe from Helena, that her family will be protected, and that she will live her life unmonitored. The only catch would be regular medical testing — they have some concerns about respiratory disease like the Russian had, and a permanent residency in CrazyTown like Helena. He tells her that he’s going to give her time to talk it over with the clone club and that, in the meantime, her monitor has been lifted.

At the police station, Sarah is trying to reason with Art while Felix has to deal with LadyCop. Unfortunately, she has no sense of humor and possibly no soul, so even Felix can’t sass and charm his way out of this mess.

Cosima has decided to join the fray in person instead of just via skype, and arrives in Town via bus. She has a bit of a coughing spell and is alarmed to pull back her hand to see it covered in blood. Before she can have a full-on panic attack about it, Dr. Leekie materializes out of nowhere. He offers her a ride to her hotel, and begs her to hear him out. He hands her a little external hard drive and says its her entire genome sequence to study. A peace offering of sorts. He refers to the other clones as her sisters and promises he means them no harm. He wants to offer her a contract to work with him at the DYAD Institute, free reign to study herself and the other clones.

In the interrogation room, Sarah is begging Art to give her the benefit of the doubt, to trust that she didn’t kill Beth, that there’s more going on. Art tells her to explain herself, no matter how unbelievable she says it is, and she’s about to make him a card-carrying member of the clone club when a fancy lawyer swoops in and escorts her out. Clearly employed by the Powers that Be, he tells Sarah that her and Felix are now free to move about the city as they please, and that her audience is being requested in a Big Fancy Building.

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