New “The Fosters” video includes a cheat sheet


We’re four days from the June 3 premiere of The Fosters and the producers of the show were kind enough to offer us yet another peek at the show. This time Jennifer Lopez, Peter Paige (hi Emmett!), and Bradley Bredeweig join our moms, Sherri Saum and Teri Polo, to chat about the show. My favorite part is that in the midst of telling us how relatable the story is, they drop a handy little guide to the characters, how they fit together and all the ways the producers can cook up drama.

Who doesn’t love a good visual aid? They all talk about how every single person on the planet will find something they can relate to in the show, which is good if we want the show to be long running, but we’re just here for the adorable moms (and Sherri Saum hair).

But wait, there’s more! JLo herself will be tweeting along with the premiere on Monday night. If you want to ask her a question you can tweet her @JLo and be sure to use the hashtag #TheFosters. If any of you get a question answered by JLo let us know, OK?

Finally, we are all set to tweet along with the show on Monday using the hashtag #GaydyBunch chosen by you, the readers. Let’s all meet up on Monday night and tweet up a storm. I’ll bring the popcorn.

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