Let’s talk about the new season of “Arrested Development”


How many of you have spent a large chunk of your holiday weekend inside marathoning the new season of Arrested Development? I promised myself I wasn’t going to devour it all in a single sitting, but I couldn’t stop watching until Egg returned to my life, so I finally managed to make myself go to sleep after episode seven last night. So far, I’m really enjoying the new season. I could do with a lot less meta Hollywood commentary and guest stars — Kristen Wiig, you can stay — but the show has really remained true to its niche audience, slinging puns and in-jokes everywhere all the time. And for some reason, the sight gags this time around are slaying me. Ann slapping that mouse out of Gob’s hand got funnier and funnier every time it happened. And, duh, Portia de Rossi is the greatest thing on earth.

Our readers are tweeting with the hashtag #AEAD, so if you’re watching the new season, tweet along with us! Here are some of my favorite tweets from yesterday.

So, let’s talk about it! What do you think of new Arrested Development so far?

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