“R&B Divas” recap (2.4): Here Comes Momma


While there weren’t any huge all-diva shindigs this week as there have been in previous episodes so far this season on R&B Divas, I found myself beginning to really fall in love with the show all over again during this episode. As we backed away from the pure diva dramatics and started to dig into Big Issues in the women’s lives in Atlanta, we’re reminded that realness is what these women do best. There was talk about family, talk about love, and talk about making it as women in a tough industry. The only sad thing was that we didn’t see a ton of Mo’s lovely face, but considering she stole the show last week, I suppose leveling it out more this week is only fair.

We begin with a meeting about The Tour, which only Mo, LaTocha, and Syleena show up to, seemingly because Keke and Nicci don’t want to do it, and Faith probably wasn’t in town, although I think Faith is just going to sit back and see where the dust settles on this. Syleecia vents some of her hurt feelings over things people said about her during the last episode, which I think is fair, but I mainly think that’s the end of that e-blast hullabaloo, thank goodness. There is one awkward moment when Rocky (LaTocha’s husband/manager) calls Michael (who isn’t present) a “bitch.” Because you see, when a guy does something you perceive as immature, you call him a bitch, because only women (who are bitches) are immature. You know? This disturbed me because up until this point I really liked Rocky. But Syleecia puts him in his place pretty quickly, and I’m going to give him time to make up for it.

And more importantly, I also realized this during this meeting: Would I rather go see a tour that also includes Keke and Faith? Hell yeah. But would I go see a tour of just Monifah, LaTocha, and Syleena? The answer is still hell yeah.

From this point on, let’s take the episode diva by diva:

While Keke doesn’t have a huge role this week either, we do see her and Michael out for a fancy dinner for their two year wedding anniversary, and I find myself wanting to take back all the harsh things I said about her antics in previous recaps. Because here, both she and Michael are nothing but adorable and heartwarming. Yeah, she makes a few weird voices and funny faces, but she also speaks seriously about both her life and her career. She shows her genuine affection for Michael instead of just rolling her eyes at him, and he makes her smile by telling her it’s been the best two years of his life, dented green beans and all. Shucks, but I love these two again!

That laugh is magic!

You big cuddly homophobic teddy bear!

We also get a good deal more of LaTocha in this episode. We first see her chatting with Nicci over some tour business, because I think LaTocha is still trying to feel all the divas out. It’s also become clear that LaTocha has bonded a little with Syleena at this point, so that when Nicci dishes about all of Syleena’s evil ways, LaTocha begins to believe her less and less. Which makes me like LaTocha even more. And when Nicci adamantly says once again that she doesn’t want to go on any tour that involves Syleena or Syleecia, I just think, eh. Shrug. We get it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. And divas, stop asking her.

Not worth it.

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