“Defiance” Recap 1.06: Six-Legged Monkey Crawl


Previously on Defiance, Kenya and Nolan decided they liked each other enough to take the business out of their sexual transactions. The Earth Republic proved it will go to pretty much any lengths to get Defiance under its thumb, including arranging a post-apocalyptic stagecoach robbery in which a preacher blew up the coach and an E-Rep sacrificed a couple of her husbands. Their end goal was to steal Amanda Rosewater’s hard-won Maglev Train money, but she got the last laugh when she shot the preacher man in the face. Stahma presumably took some baths, though they very sadly happened off-screen. And Irisa was the best, man.

An old Pale War war criminal named Pol Madis is pursing the bargains at Defiance’s Scarf and Fedora Market when silver fox accosts him. Pol drops a tiny blue bomb that blows off the leg of one of the traders. which causes Nolan to come flying into the frame. He tackles Pol and Silver Fox tackles Nolan and they scuffle around in a homoerotic dust cloud until Silver Fox reveals that he is Nolan’s old war buddy, Eddie. He’s a bounty hunter now.

Eddie wants to turn Pol over to the Earth Republic for one zillion dollars, but Nolan wants to try him in Defiance because his loyalty is to the citizens of his girlfriends’ town. They decide to argue it out over drinks at the Need/Want, so they leave Irisa and Deputy Tommy in charge of their prisoner. Irisa mostly wants to sharpen her knives while glaring at Pol, but Tommy wants to talk about their personal deal; specifically, he wants to revisit the way their personal deal manifested itself in some super hot sex on the jailhouse floor last week. He says, “Want to come over to my place?” And Irisa, awesomely, goes, “Why? What’s at your place?”

Love that girl.

While Doc Yewll is patching up Pol, he mentions to her that he’s a great admirer of her scientific experiments/procedures. The ones she perfected during the Pale Wars. This is a sociopath saying that to her, so apparently the Doc got up to some real shady shit when the world was crashing down around her sharp tongue. Pol would be happy to keep quiet about her seemingly butcher-y past, in exchange for her freeing him from prison. She says he has mistaken her for someone else. I guess we could do some snake venom injections to find out for sure?

Over at the Need/Want, Silver Fox Eddie says some vaguely racist stuff about Irathiants, which Irisa overhears, of course. She retires to the other side of the saloon and orders and drink and when it comes with a fruity garnish, she hurls it across the bar. She glares some more, this time at “Uncle Eddie.” Nolan and Eddie talk about their penises or whatever dude thing until Kenya wanders over and Nolan solicits her services on behalf of his buddy. It breaks her heart, it really does. She gives Eddie a couple of ladies on the house.

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