Watch Now! Two new clips from “The Fosters”


Two weeks from today we get the first episode of ABC Family’s new show The Fosters. These two clips give us the scene between hot moms Lena and Stef and a clip of Stef getting ambushed by her boss and ex-husband. Take a look.

I love how Stef gives the “Are you fucking kidding me” face before remembering that she probably shouldn’t say any of what is going through her brain to her boss (who is a lady! of color!). Pissed off Stef is kind of hot, I hope we get to see more of her giving Mike a piece of her mind.

The closer we get to June 3 the more nervous I get. It’s like this show is the hot girl our friends have been talking about forever and in two weeks we finally get to go on a date with her. What should I wear? What if she’s crazy? Hurry up, June , I’m ready to meet my date!

Hands up everyone who is ready for The Fosters?

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