“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Perfect Storm” (9.24)


Last night’s Perfect Storm was a hot mess of emotions. When the super storm hits Seattle, you have to wonder if the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was built on an ancient tribal burial ground and they left the bodies and only moved the headstones because (to quote my wife from the lesbian series Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb), “This place is haunted and f*cked up!”

The show starts out with Derek and Cristina running down a dark hospital hallway in slow motion. Then a caption on the screen reads “5 hours earlier…”

Back in time, the power is on at our favorite Seattle hospital as Meredith is in labor and Arizona is popping out of bed with Dr. Lauren. Arizona can’t even look at Lauren as she puts her scrubs back on and hangs her head low. More on these two adulterers later.

While prepping for the storm, a newly engaged April fiddles with her engagement ring. Callie suggests pinning it to her shirt. (This is some nice foreshadowing.)

As Meredith gets ready to welcome baby number two, Cristina and Derek stand by her side and tend to her every whim. And because this is Grey’s Anatomy, you know the labor can’t run smoothly. Meredith has to stop pushing because her baby is coming out face-first and she needs to have a C-section. Meredith and Derek plead with their doctor, Connie, but at this point a vaginal birth would endanger both Meredith’s and the baby’s life. (I composed that last sentence just so I could write the word “vaginal.”) A C-section should be no problem but then the hospital loses power and the lights go out. (This is why my sister does all-natural water births at home.) Turn on your cell phones for light because baby Shepherd is on his way!

Bailey scrubs in for surgery, has a panic attack and bows out. When Bailey bolts, Richard steps in and takes over her surgery. The patient needs to have his heart repaired so Richard enlists Cristina, who refuses to operate in the dark. Richard snaps that if she doesn’t operate the man will die. Cristina reluctantly scrubs in but can’t see the where she’s operating because of the flashlight’s shadows. Cristina wants to give up, but Richard gives her a mega-pep talk and tells her that she can operate in the dark if she listens to the patient’s heart. Richard tells everyone to turn off the flashlights and keep quite so Cristina can hear the heart. After only a few moments Cristina finds where the problem lies in the heart and leads the team through a successful surgery. Afterwards, Cristina thanks Richard for encouraging her and making her a better doctor. (Has Richard been redeemed?) Bailey’s husband, Ben, also comments that he now knows why Bailey raves about Richard because he pulls greatness out of people.

With the power out, Arizona’s little baby patients are surviving on dwindling battery power. Arizona and Alex race off to a storage closet to find spare batteries.

Arizona: No one thought about spare batteries and pretty soon all the machines are going to die out there and all the babies are going to die and all because I didn’t think ahead to stock pile batteries. Also I cheated on my wife with that woman out there and I’m a horrible person. I’m horrible.

Alex: Hey, I’m in love with an intern out there but I won’t tell her and I keep saying to myself I won’t tell her because everyone in my life turns out crazy or mean or cancery or leaves and the thing all those women have in common is me. They were all fine before they met me. I’m damaged goods or something so you’re not the worst person in this closet.

With no batteries, Arizona, Alex, Jo, Stephanie and Lauren all have to bag the babies by hand.

The team tries to keep all their patients’ parents calm as they start realizing that their babies’ monitors are dying. Arizona tries to take control of the situation, but the parents are acting like an angry mob. Jo pipes up and explains that bagging the babies is really easy, in fact she learned it on her first day of medical school. Jo shows the parents how to properly bag and everyone settles down and helps out.

In more baby news, Meredith gives birth to a baby boy (Mazel Tov!) but the new mom can tell that something is wrong.

Meredith: I don’t hear him crying! Why isn’t he crying? Somebody talk to me. I don’t hear him crying.

The newborn is wrapped up and handed to Derek and then we hear the baby’s first scream. Meredith starts to cry with joy, as do I. But wait, the baby’s breathing is shallow! So Derek races him off to the Ped unit as Meredith is being closed back up. Derek insists that interns Heather and Shane stay by his wife’s side the entire time.

This all sounds crazy, right? Well how about a bus crashing right in front of the hospital and then bursting into flames! (Sheesh, what’s going to happen next season? A zombie apocalypse?) Callie and Bailey watch the horror and then jump into action.

Owen and Avery act like fire fighters, climbing inside the bus and pulling people out. Callie, April and Bailey load patients into the hospital as Owen and Avery struggle to get a woman out who’s pleading with them to find her young daughter. Owen believes her child is already out of the bus. After these three emerge from the bus Avery looks back and sees a little girl’s shoe on the ground. This is where Avery turns into Superman. Avery finds the little girl hiding inside the bus and tries to lure her out, but with no success. Then the bus explodes! Wait, what? Where’s Avery? Then, like in a scene from Backdraft, Avery emerges from the flames with the little girl in his arms and April screams like a lunatic. April’s fiancé Matthew is like “WTF?”

While Callie is bandaging Avery, April busts in, shoves Avery and starts screaming at him. Callie tells April to walk it off as Avery rubs his injured man-titties. A little while later, April returns and tells Avery the reason she was so upset was because, “I want you, Jackson. I want you.” When Avery reminds April that she’s getting married April says, “Unless you can give me a reason not to.” This is their cliffhanger. Now over to another couple at odds, Alex and Jo. Alex finally musters up the courage to confess his love to Jo and she reciprocates with a big wet kiss. (I’m assuming it was wet. I actually have no idea.)

With the successful birth of her second child, it seems as though Meredith is out of the woods. Dr. Connie gets called away to tend to another patient, and Shane insists that he can close Meredith up himself. But, of course, all doesn’t go as planned. Meredith’s spleen is bleeding and Shane can’t stop it. Meredith coaches Shane through the procedure (yes, Meredith is overseeing her own operation) and warns Shane that she’s going to pass out. Meredith tells Shane that if she arrests for more than nine minutes that she does not want to be revived. Shane is silent. Meredith makes Shane focus and insists that he give her his word that he will abide by her last wishes. Shane agrees and Meredith’s says, “Ross you can do this! And tell Derek … I know the baby’s name … it’s…” and then Meredith loses consciousness. Intern Heather races out of the room to get help and finds Bailey beating a medicine cabinet to death. (The cabinet is electronic so she couldn’t get inside since there is no electricity. And the cabinet was totally asking for it.)

Bailey scrubs in to save Meredith, but before she picks up a scalpel she puts on two pairs of gloves. While Meredith is in surgery, Cristina and Derek have a heart-to-heart.

Cristina: Hey, Meredith Grey has survived a bomb, a drowning, a gunman, and a plane crash and she’s still here. She’s gonna die when she’s like 90. Old and warm in her bed. She’s not gonna die today.

(Derek and Cristina hold hands)

Cristina: Today, she’s gonna be fine.

Derek: I hope so.

Cristina: She has to be. She’s our person.

After the surgery, Bailey surfaces to deliver the news and then bursts into tears. Derek and Cristina race into the OR and find that Meredith is alive and well. Bailey scuttles back in and apologizes for freaking them out and Derek gives her a gigantic hug. Not only that, but Derek and Meredith also name the baby after her, Bailey Shepherd.

Richard wanders down to the electrical room to find out when the hospital’s power is going to come back on. He finds Frank the electrician on the wet ground after he suffered a heart attack. Richard revives him and Frank and tells Richard that he fixed the power, someone just needs to flip the switch on so Richard heads back to the electrical room.

With his former patient, Ethan, back with his biological father and finally out of the hospital, Cristina once again has a heart-to-heart with Owen about his desire to have children. Owen insists that Cristina is all the family he needs.

Cristina: Owen, do you really believe I’ll be enough?

Cristina and Owen sit in silence.

Cristina: I wish it were different.

Owen: No. No. Cristina.

Cristina: Owen, it already happened.

Cristina gets up and exits and Owen screams after her.

Do you think these two will really stay broken up this time?

At the end of a long day, Callie walks up to Arizona and Lauren to rant about all the craziness she witnessed. Just then, the power comes back on. (Yeah, Richard did it!) In the light, Callie notices that Lauren is wearing Arizona’s scrub top, which has Arizona’s wedding ring pinned to it. Callie’s face turns stern and all who are watching the show realize, “Callie knows about the affair!”

In a private room, Callie and Arizona have a stand off and unleash their unfiltered feelings.

Callie: (crying) I thought, I thought we were past the hard stuff. I thought we were finally good.

Arizona: We were, we are.


Arizona: I know!

Callie: God! We have a child!

Arizona: I know!

Callie: How could you do this?

Arizona: I don’t…

Callie: After all that’s happened this year. After everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve survived. Bankruptcy, Mark, the plane.

Arizona: (screaming) YOU WEREN’T ON THE PLANE, CALLIE! You weren’t in the woods! You did not hear Meredith crying for Lexie, Mark moaning in pain or hear me scream in pain! You weren’t there and you keep acting like you were but you weren’t. It wasn’t your experience.

Callie: I lost Mark. You almost died!

Arizona: I lost Mark, you almost died, YOU WEREN’T ON THE FREAKING PLANE! You wanted the street cred, the badge of honor, the warrior wounds. Then great! Stick out your leg and I will go grab a bone saw and let’s even the score!

Arizona bursts into tears and Callie stares in shock.

Callie: It always comes back to the leg.

Arizona: I trusted you more than anything. More than anyone in my life and you decided to cut it off…


Arizona: YOU DIDN’T LOSE ANYTHING! I did. I did.

Callie: Apparently, I lost you.

As we step away from this heartbreaking scene, we find Bailey searching the hospital looking for Richard. Bailey tells Ben that she wants to apologize to Richard for hurting him and calling him a drunk. Then we see Richard face down in a puddle in the hospital electrical room. Richard has been electrocuted. Will Richard live or die?

What did you think of the season finale? Should Callie and Arizona stay together? Vote in our poll!

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