“R&B Divas” recap (2.3): Purple Carpet Time


This week with the divas, we slowly inched our way back to an atmosphere of sisterly love and support after the drama overload of last week. Slowly. We also got to see a spotlight on our girl Monifah, which is always more than welcome. The episode begins with Mo over at LaTocha’s house, where Mo invites her to New York for the showcase she’s putting on for her birthday. Not only is it her sort of reintroduction to the musical world as who she is now, it’s the first time she’s played a show in New York, her hometown, in over ten years. As the official title of this episode says, work it, girl.

As Mo leaves Atlanta on her trek to The City, she obviously calls up her friend Queen Latifah to ask her if she’ll be around for the showcase. Turns out she won’t be, which is a bummer, but Monifah talks about how they’ve been friends for 16 years. Latifah once produced a track of hers, and has just supported her in her “wellness and…everything.” And by “everything,” you mean bonding over the fact that you are both beautiful black gay sisters, right? We get it.

Turns out all the other divas will be in New York for the show though, with the exception of Syleena because it’s her son’s birthday. (But Syleecia will be there to rep the fam.) Even Faith is there, and we get to see her hanging out in Brooklyn for a while with her stepdaughter, T’Yonna Wallace, who was only a baby when Biggie was killed. They share a bittersweet moment outside of the apartment where he used to live, where another friend who’s with them says that people still leave flowers. Faith says she feels grateful to have been part of a life that touched so many people. And shucks, this is just sad.

But in better news, Faith is rocking some serious mid-winter diva swag.

We then see Monifah with Terez as she’s prepping for the big event later on; getting her hair did by a friend at a bar. Monifah gets emotional pretty quickly, telling Terez how much she appreciates her, crying as her purple locks get chopped. Terez teases her and says to get it out now, although everyone who knows her knows she’ll be wearing water-proof makeup at the show. You guys, I just love Monifah and Terez so much. So much genuine heart.

After this warm moment, the drama unfortunately comes back a little. Nicci and Faith are hanging out in a fancy hotel room when Nicci gets an “email blast” promoting the upcoming R&B Divas tour, featuring a photo of the original divas plus Angie Stone. As no tour has actually been agreed upon yet, and no one gave anybody any permission to send out this promo, Nicci and Faith are capital-P Pissed. Faith calls her lawyer for a cease and desist. Yay happy times!

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