“All My Children” recap (May 13-17): Missing Marissa


The action continues this week on All My Children, both onscreen and off. In big casting news, Michael Nader will be reprising his role as Dmitri Marick, beginning June 3. This comes hot of the heels of the report that Susan Lucci will soon be in talks to return as well.  Looks like the population of Pine Valley will continue to grow. Now, on to this week’s recap. Brace yourselves Minxians, there is a lot of Marissa processing ahead.

Bianca and Zach meet up at Jane’s Addiction, because since Kendall and Erica aren’t around, he’s the only person left to talk to in Pine Valley. Oh, and I guess he is the father of one of her children and stuff. Anyway, Binx needs a shoulder to cry on and Zach offers his designer suited one.  She tells Zach about the things Hunter said to Miranda and how her daughter was humiliated. Zach, of course, offers to “talk” with Hunter, but Bianca isn’t in the mood to deal with a homicide, so she politely declines.  

She tells Zach she didn’t think anything could be harder than coming out, but watching her child deal with the fallout, well it’s more than she can bear. Zach, in a gesture of comfort I suppose, rubs Bianca’s thigh. Whoa buddy, you already got handsy with one lesbian in Pine Valley and look how that turned out. Bianca doesn’t act like anything is weird, so I guess I should move on. I’ve got my eye on you, Zach.

Apparently, Bianca must have been reading AfterEllen last week, because she echoed our concern about Miranda finding out about her real father online. It turns out, Zach and Erica worked to get a gag order in place during the trial to protect Bianca and her children. Bianca says things are different now though, and the internet is the worlds worst secret keeper. Even worse than Gretchen Wieners. She dreads Miranda finding out the truth one day from some guy named TrollBoss79 on Reddit. She tells Zach that she needs to say something to Miranda before someone else does, and Zach offers to support her when the time comes. 

Bianca meets up with Miranda, and despite their recent pleasant conversation, things are back to being tense. Miranda tells her mother that she isn’t like her, and can’t keep up the “tradition of strong, fearless, in your face Kane women.” For once, I understand where Miranda is coming from. Sometimes, you just want to hide under your covers and cry.  It’s hard to forge your own identity when everyone expects you to be just like your stoic, benevolent mother or your dynamic, ruthless grandmother. She just wants to be a kid and let the chips fall where they may. Speaking of things falling, Miranda drops the emotional equivalent of a piano on Bianca’s head. JR is out of his coma. Bianca looks like she’s going to be sick.

Bianca begins to panic. JR has taken away a piece of her, and now he’s free to dismantle her fully. In a rare showing of parental fortitude, Bianca forbids Miranda to be anywhere near JR. Since JR will be recouping at the Chandler house, that means no hanging out with AJ either. Miranda flips out. AJ has always been there for her when she needed him, and she’s not about to abandon him now. Bianca tries to calm the situation down and change the subject, but Miranda just up and walks away from her. 

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