Feminist Friday: Imagine a Life of Yes


This Week in Ladybits

The Obama administration’s logic about emergency contraception is not getting less weird.

A North Carolina House committee has passed a bill that would allow almost any company to refuse to cover contraception. The bill also bars insurance companies that participate in the state’s insurance exchanges (opening next year as part of the Affordable Care Act) from offering abortion services — which means that once again, poorer women are having their options cut off.

Women of North Carolina who were not thrilled at being told, as adults, that their bosses get to decide whether they can have birth control or not, protested with Planned Parenthood with Mad Men themed-outfits. Because if you’re going to have jerkball laws from the early ’60s, you might as well look sharp for it.

Image via Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Central NC

This Week in Thinky

Lindy West has been nailing it on Jezebel lately. This week she took apart purity culture. The Barefoot and Pregnant blog had some more thoughts on purity culture and abstinence-only education. I have to say, this one shocked me a little – I was lucky enough to have actual sex education classes, and I had no idea about the metaphors that get thrown at young women in abstinence-only programs.

I don’t know if this belongs in the “thinky” category, because I don’t know what to think about this. It’s putting me in complete brain lock. Do we need the Little Ponies as teenage girls? Something about this fills me with horror and dread. But I could be wrong! Discuss.

image via Animation Magazine

The Women in Secularism conference kicks off today in Washington, D.C.

You’ve probably seen Angelina Jolie’s op-ed this week about her decision to get a double mastectomy. Just as important is Irin Carmon’s piece in Salon on patented genes and why the test for the breast cancer gene is so expensive.

And Kelly Rowland’s new single speaks frankly about domestic violence.

This Week in Ugh

Women in American movies have been speaking less and showing more skin. Thanks, Hollywood! Oh, and TV isn’t doing much better.

For the hat trick, Lucy Liu called out racism in Hollywood in Net-a-Porter.

The gender distribution in the U.S. Congress could also use a little nudging.

The Invisible War, a documentary about military sexual assault, premiered on PBS this week.


Meanwhile, after last week’s incident in which an Air Force officer who was supposed to be in charge of sexual assault prevention was arrested for sexual battery, this week the sergeant who was supposed to be running the sexual assault prevention program at Fort Hood is under investigation for sexually assaulting two fellow soldiers and forcing a subordinate into prostitution.

…And the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the sexual assault prevention program at Fort Campbell has been arrested for stalking his ex-wife. I am beginning to have some thoughts about why the military’s anti-assault training programs have not been going so well.

Irin Carmon, however, is hopeful that this might be where we finally start making progress on this issue.

And Feministing reports that Hong Kong’s security minister has the solution to sexual assault: Women shouldn’t drink.

This Week In Fun

ComicVine had an exclusive look at Jenny Frison’s cover for Gail Simone’s Red Sonja #2. I

Image via ComicVine

I know! Boob armor with a vengeance! I’m having trouble minding it aesthetically, though when I sent Heather Hogan a picture of the cover for purely professional reasons, she immediately replied with “Saddle rash! SADDLE RASH!” and I couldn’t stop thinking about Sonja’s beleaguered armorer begging her to at least put on some chaps and a little something — anything — to cover her vital organs.

The creator of the Repair Her Armor tumblr wishes her own characters had more options in online games.

I mage courtesy of Repair her Armor

Gail Simone, however, has some more compelling issues to worry about right now.

I know it’s probably not what @ThatsEarth had in mind when they posted it, but I like thinking that this lion cub has two mommies.

Image via Earth Pics’ Twitter page

This Week in Awesome

Saya Hillman tells you how to create a life of Yes.

And for a life of “I do,” Oh yah, Minnesota!

The U.N. reminded members of the LGBT community that we are not alone.

Goddamn. When neighborhood teenagers warned Melissa Torrez that her 4-year-old had just been abducted, Torrez chased the kidnapper down and crashed her car into his.

And photographer Jaime Moore decided to give her daughter a birthday that was a little less princess and a little more bad-ass in terms of emulating role models.

Have a great weekend. Get out there and be your own role model.

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