The AfterEllen Huddle: Which 2013 TV cancellation hurt the most?


Most major networks have now unveiled their primetime TV schedules for fall, which means they’ve also announced the shows they’ve canned. For this week’s Huddle, we asked our AfterEllen team which 2013 cancellation hurt the most.

Dorothy Snarker: Go On! I want Julie White‘s character Anne to be moved wholesale to another show. Comedy, drama, crime procedural – I will take it.

Bridget McManus: Happy Endings. I find that show to be so weird and so fulfilling at the same time.

Valerie Anne: Bomb Girls. I miss The Adventures of Princess and Betts already. I still can’t bring myself to watch the last episode because it’s the LAST EPISODE. It hurts too much. I also haven’t watched the last episode of Emily Owens M.D. and probably won’t until Mamie Gummer is safely back on my television again. (As a lesbian, no less!)

Trish Bendix: Linda Wallem came into Up All Night and switched things up in Season two, but the heart was still there in Reagan and Ava’s friendship. Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph were a perfect pair of BFFs, one trying to navigate her narcissism while finding true love and the other figuring out how to be a working mom while still keeping her status as a hip L.A. woman. Sure, the show had its problems but any scenes they had together was worth the mushy baby-related story lines.

Erika Star: Smash. I’m still trying to figure out who to address my strongly worded email to. I will accept a Bombshell/Hit List mash-up tour in exchange for a third season, or a Megan Hilty/Katherine McPhee diva-off story line on Glee, just DON’T TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME.

Heather Hogan: Bomb Girls. I can’t talk about it.

Dana Piccoli: Aside from the obvious (Bomb Girls), I’m bummed about Happy Endings. So many dysfunctionally wonderful characters. Although I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, they kind of reminded me of myself and my friends. Hopefully they will get picked up by another network. Those actors have comic timing and chemistry like no other cast on TV. Karman Kregloe: So much bad news! Happy Endings was appointment television for me, and it provided everything that I wasn’t getting from the more popular ensemble comedy, Modern Family (progressive and unexpected portrayals of women and gay people, laughs, etc.).

Ali Davis: Still Xena.

Lucy Hallowell: Having to say good-bye to Betty McRae after only 18 episodes feels like meeting your soulmate a week before graduation. You can only wonder what could have been if the universe had allowed you more time together.

Emily Donofrio: I’m going to have go ahead and second Trish’s response. Up All Night did it for my childless self and it was because the talent far outweighed the potentially boring theme. I guess we can all look forward to what other great projects the cast will move onto.

Dara Nai: I agree with Snarker about Anne from Go On. Losing her just because the show was cancelled is like throwing out the lesbian baby with the bathwater. I would move her over to a hit show, to guarantee her longevity. Wouldn’t Anne make a great judge-coach on The Voice? Yes. Yes, she would. Which of this year’s TV cancellations hit you hardest?

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