“Chicago Fire” recap (1.23) “What an idiot”


Previously on Chicago Fire Shay asked Severide to make a baby with her. He said yes only to get sidetracked by a pesky case involving false accusations of sexual assault. Mills imperiused Dawson into being his girlfriend and agreeing to move in with him. Dawson decided to tell Mills that Boden boffed his mother back when Mills was just a wee babe.  Dirty cop Voight got out of jail, became Antonio’s boss and made everyone’s skin crawl. Casey and Hallie brought sexy back and were happy again until she got herself burned up in a fire.

What a difference a few weeks makes. Only a short time ago the squad was yucking it up in the meeting room while a big guy in a little coat taught them the do’s and don’ts of sexual harassment and this week Herrmann is announcing that when they open Molly’s it will be a celebration of Hallie’s life and that they will be donating all the proceeds to Children’s Memorial Hospital in her name. Kinda funny considering she never wanted kids but who is going to quibble?

In the land of this is how you spin off a show, Casey is meeting with the cast of the new Chicago PD, er, he’s meeting with the dedicated police officers who will be trying to solve the case of Hallie’s murder. The desk sergeant starts to tease Casey about being a well rested, well fed firefighter and a Kelli Giddish lookalike, Det. Julia Wilhite, runs up and tells him to shut it and that Casey is the boyfriend of the DOA from the clinic fire. The officer says “my bad” like that’s going to fix it.  Asshole. Congrats dickhead, you made me feel bad for Casey for maybe the second time all season. Well done.

Wilhite walks Casey up to meet with Antonio and Voight. Voight starts to fill him in and Casey cuts him off, “I only deal with Antonio.” Voight shows he’s not entirely heartless and shuts his trap for the first time all season. Brother Dawson says they have learned that Hallie was whacked in the back of the head and died before the fire. While Casey processes this new fact there is a call that they have the car that was seen leaving the clinic and we have a chase with a cop I am calling Boy Scout and a lady cop who looks a lot like Gina Gershon, who I would like to have a beer with. They run, they hop fences, lady cop, Officer Sermons, punches a guy in the throat, kicks him in the nuts, butt ends him with her nightstick, and finally tazes the moron who just won’t stay down.

Voight, Antonio, Casey, and Little Giddish show up. The guys from the car say they bought it from some guy named “Shorty.” Wilhite starts checking out the car and before you can say “Q” she’s found a trap door in the dash for hauling drugs.  I like this chick and I think Shay should too.

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