Shay Mitchell remains the most flawless of all human beings


The second time I interviewed Shay Mitchell, we both had terrible colds. When she answered the phone with a stuffy nose and persistent cough, I found myself shocked that she hadn’t cancelled the interview, and my disbelief was complete when she offered to send me soup when she realized I was sick too. Every time I talk to any of the cast or writers from Pretty Little Liars, they all say the same thing: That Shay Mitchell will take your breath away she’s so beautiful — on the outside, yes, duh, of course; but on the inside too. Former PLL scribe Andy Reaser once told me she has “the inner light.”

Shay Mitchell is flawless, basically, is what I am saying. Just yesterday, she took to Tumblr to encourage her followers — especially her lesbian and bisexual ones — to be proud of who they are. It’s a thing she does all the time: gently nudges women to live their most authentic lives without fear or shame. And then Shay hit up Tumblr again to post some behind-the-scenes photos of her recent Self magazine cover shoot.

Have I convinced you by now that I am interested in Shay Mitchell’s whole self? That I’m embracing her inner and outer beauty like a true feminist? We’re good, right? You know I’m not objectifying her? OK, awesome, because holy crap, you guys.

Here she is getting set-up with her wardrobe:

All photos courtesy of Shay Mitchell’s Tumblr

Here she is modeling her jewels:

And some more, um, jewels:

Whatcha doin’ in that hoodie, Shay?

Oh, right, some boxing, of course.

And then, just in case you are not yet convinced if her perfectness, she closed out the day in a TMNT hat eating PIZZA.

Naya Rivera

From: Shay Mitchell

Subject: AfterEllen Hot 100

Your move.

Hugs and kisses,



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