Gillian Anderson wants to kill your television


Gillian Anderson hates TV. I mean, she really hates it. Her interview last week with the London Telegraph left no doubt on the matter. When she was asked if she would ever consider doing another series for American television, her response was the definition of emphatic:

“Oh, shut the f— up! Are you kidding me? My God, I don’t even watch television. I don’t like television. I never have liked it. The whole concept of sitting down in front of a TV feels like one of things that’s destroying society as far as I’m concerned.”

Oh, Gillian. I should have known you were one of those “Kill Your Television” types. Certainly, one could go on a lengthy diatribe here about how your disdain of the boob tube is ironic, considering the amount of money and fame that tube has afforded you over the years. One could also get into a heated debate about the merits of American television and its place in society as our national (dare I say international?) opiate of choice. But whatever. Bite the hand that feeds you all you want. I’m sure the cast and crew of The X-Files have fond memories of you, too.

“I spent nine years on a film set. Nine f—ing years! To begin with it was all right, but gradually it all became incredibly gossipy and incestuous. It’s like living in this disgusting microcosm when everything becomes condensed like that.”

What I find most fascinating is the dichotomy her statement presents. On the one hand, Gillian hates everything about television. On the other, she is really good every time she is on television. She was that perfect blend of smart and armed as perpetual skeptic Dana Scully on The X-Files. And she was perfectly pinched as Lady Dedlock on the BBC miniseries Bleak House. Oh, to be good at something you hate. Like, say, if I were brilliant at working out. Wait: Now that I think about it, maybe Gillian is on to something.

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