“Orphan Black” recap: A Fool’s Tail (1.07)


Previously on Orphan Black, the clones found out they were being experimented on, Olivier started getting all up in Paul’s business, and Cosima played flirtatious games with Delphine.

We begin with Cosima and Sarah having a skype check-in about their monitors. Sarah advises Cosima, again, to stay away from Delphine, reminding her of what happened when Allison flipped. Allison, by the way, is with Donnie at a couples retreat to try to recover from the trauma of Craft Room Torture.

Cosima assures her that it will be fine because she has the upper hand, what with all the inside knowledge, but Sarah would still rather her stick to her science thing. She has yet to learn that Cosima is not exactly the rule-follower you might expect a smartypants grad student to be. 

Meanwhile, at the precinct, the detectives (one of which is Bo’s mom, so we know SHE can’t be trusted) have figured out that the dead body parts and the angel of darkness are genetically identical. Of course, since they don’t have Castle on their team, they skip the clone theory and jump to evidence tampering.

Sarah and Felix follow Paul to a club called Neolution, and Felix goes in since he’s far less likely to be recognized than the very subject of their experiments. A woman who seems like she’s in charge shows Felix around the club and explains that Neolution is a sort of self-directed evolution through body modification. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen Repo! The Genetic Opera, and I’m almost positive this Neolution business is a terrible idea.

Across town, in some creepy locale, a sketchy man has brought Helena back to life. He asks her why she didn’t kill Sarah and she says that she felt a connection, that she was different. Her master, Tomas, disagrees. He tells her that she is the original, and that she must find “it,” bleed it, and kill it. He hands her a razor, which she immediately takes to her back, adding another scar to the lot. What’s with that? Self-flagellation of a religious extremists? Regular masochism? Is she trying to cut holes for wings? Or is she just crazy? 

I’m still not sure exactly how, but Maggie Chen’s death has something to do with this revenge plot.

In a back room of the club, Olivier is interrogating Paul, because he has just found out that someone is offing their subjects, and he wants to make sure Paul didn’t know anything. Afterwards, Felix follows Paul out back, but luckily Sarah stepped in before Paul snapped Felix’s pretty little neck. Paul tells Sarah to meet him back at the apartment — alone. There, Sarah tells him that she knows that 9 genetic identicals exist, because Beth had the information on them, but says that she has only met Allison. Which I think was smart; the less he knows, the better. Paul tells her that Olivier isn’t the one killing them off, and that he actually told Paul to protect her, no matter what.

Proving he’s oh-so-good at protecting her, he almost immediately lets her go alone to Mrs. S’s. Not that there’s a point to trying to get Sarah to do anything she doesn’t want to, but he gave her his keys. And sure enough, she doesn’t even make it to the car before Helena appears, looking crazy as ever, and asks Sarah to lunch.

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