The Top 40 Kick-Ass Female Sci-Fi Characters


Diana, V

If V was the Dallas of space, Diana was the J.R. of the universe: a conniving, shoulder pad-ed villain who got her way no matter how evil she had to be. And we loved every second of it.

Donna Noble, Doctor Who

She was The Doctor’s best mate and she saved the entire universe from destruction. She also convinced The Doctor to exercise a lot more compassion for individual people. Not bad for a temp from Chiswick who was just looking for a way out of her wedding.

Anastasia Dualla, Battlestar Galactica

Petty Officer Crew Specialist 2nd Class Dualla had the thankless job of working as liaison between Galactica’s senior staff and the other spacecraft in the fleet, but she handled it with grace and ultimately worked her way up to being the Executive Officer aboard the Pegasus.

Echo, Dollhouse

A “doll” whose memory was perpetually wiped clean so she could carry out various homicidal assignments, Echo fought against the man to gain and maintain self-awareness. She succeeded in the end and used her cumulative powers to try to stop the Rossum Corporation from taking over the world.

Ellen Ripley, Alien

Casting a female lead in an action movie is sadly still something that gives big Hollywood studios the heebeegeebees, but Ridley Scott did it back in 1979 with huge success. Ellen Ripley transcends gender and genre. She is one of the most complicated, ass-kicking movie heroes of all time.

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