Kali Hawk is Kerry Washington’s lesbian sister in “Peeples”


Tina Gordon Chism‘s new film Peeples stars Kerry Washington as a well-to-do woman named Grace whose less-than-rich boyfriend, Wade (Craig Robinson), intends on proposing to her after he meets her family. It turns out that Grace hasn’t told her family about Wade at all, and everyone seems to have secrets of their own. This includes Grace’s younger closeted sister Gloria (Kali Hawk), who has a girlfriend named Meg (Kimrie Lewis-Davis). Gloria is a successful CNN broadcaster who brings Meg home as her “best friend.”

Reviews indicate that the film is largely focused on Wade and Grace’s relationship, but if you’re a fan of Kerry Washington (who isn’t?), you’ll never feel its a waste of time. Although Gloria isn’t as big of a role, it’s great to see a black lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality and introducing her partner to her family. It’s not often a story we see in a mainstream film produced by Tyler Perry.

Here’s Kali Hawk discussing her character and the plot of Peeples:

Peeples is in theaters nationwide.

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