“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Readiness is All” (9.23)


In this episode of Grey’s Anatomy , a mega-storm is heading for Seattle. It’s time to hunker down because this storm brings a lot of surprises with it including an engagement, an affair and a cast member on death’s door. (Next week’s finale is going to be a doozy!)

The show starts off at home with Alex as he’s icing Jo’s bruised and bloody face. Jo confirms (what we already assumed) that her boyfriend, Jason, hit her. Alex puffs up his chest and heads out the door to track down and destroy Jason. A scene later Alex brings a severely beaten Jason into the hospital. Jason has a brain bleed and Alex pleads with Derek to help him so he won’t die. Once Cristina and Meredith get word that Jason is in critical condition they corner Alex to find out what really happened. Alex insists that he didn’t touch the guy (which Meredith, Cristina and I all don’t believe) but just then Jo pops her head in and reveals that she is the one who roughed him up. But as far as his brain bleed goes, Jo insists that during their fight Jason fell and hit his head on the fireplace. Jason’s injures are so severe that the police are called. Alex tells Jo to scram so he can figure out how to fix her mess. Luckily, Jason wakes up and seems to be doing ok.

Alex sits with Jason in his hospital room and Jason asks if the police have arrived yet so he can file a report against Jo. Alex, being Alex, threatens Jason so he won’t press charges.

Alex: Listen you’ve got a good thing here. A good job. Nice place. Do you have friends here?

Jason: Oh, you want to be my friend now?

Alex: Me? Nah. I got enough friends. Cristina Yang, she’s my friend and she owns the hospital. Derek Shepherd owns the hospital. Meredith Grey’s name is on the freakin door. These are my friends and they don’t like a guy who hits his girlfriend. Neither do I.

Jason (snapping): She attacked me! What was I supposed to do?

Alex: You are supposed to take it. A girl hits you and you take it. Or you walk away. It’s the story of my life. Jason, you can tell this story ’til you’re blue in the face but all people are going to hear is that you hit her and that little bit is going to follow you around the halls here and if you leave it will get wherever you’re going before you do.

Jason: You’re going to make sure of that, huh? It sounds like you’re blackmailing me?

Alex: It sounds like you’re a guy who hits girls, ‘cuz you did. So what do you want to do next?

As Alex exits the room, confident in his bullying, Derek meets him in the hallway and scolds him for blackmailing Jason. (Derek is probably just pissed that Alex dropped his name.)

With the storm coming Owen requests that all elective procedures be cancelled and rescheduled for after the storm. Bailey busies herself with printing out hard copies of all of the patient charts in case the hospital loses power and they can’t access their computers. Bailey is using the charts as an excuse to not reenter the ER since she isn’t ready to deal with any patients yet. Richard has had enough of Bailey dragging her feet and gives her a verbal kick in the ass.

Richard: Bailey, when the Chief of Surgery orders you to scrub in on a surgery, you scrub in on that surgery.

Bailey: Last I heard you’re not the Chief of Surgery or my boss.

Richard: I am in fact part owner of this hospital which does in fact make me your boss. And you’re not a file clerk, we have enough file clerks. What we need is surgeons so either be a surgeon or get the hell out cuz we don’t need you.

Richard storms off as Bailey absorbs the tongue-lashing. I guess sometimes tough love does work because right after Richard chewed her out Bailey is up and operating again.

Owen assigns April to stock up the ER with supplies. April is eager to get back in the OR because she’s revving up to retake her boards but Owen keeps kicking her out of surgeries. (There’s actually a good reason for that.) Since April is  running around organizing the hospital she is available for a surprise flash mob! (I hate those things.) April thinks she’s racing outside to deal with a trauma when all of a sudden a group of paramedics and fake patients break into dance to The Proclaimers’ song “I Would Walk 500 Miles.” More and more people jump in and start performing. The staff piles out of the hospital to watch the commotion and then April’s boyfriend Matthew takes center stage in the dance number.

Alex quips, “Whoever thought Kepner would have found someone as dorky as she is?” The song ends and Matthew hands April a red rose and says, “April I know this seems crazy. And to some sudden but when I know something I know it. When I first saw you standing in this doorway I felt a shock.”

Just then Arizona glances over at Lauren who peers right back at her.

Matthew continues, “I thought this is the most beautiful person that I have ever seen. And then I thought, I knew, that I was going to fall in love with you.”

April begins to cry.

Matthew, “ I have never been so happy about anything in my entire life. April Kepner, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me, if you’ll let me.”

The camera cuts back to Arizona and Callie standing side by side.

Matthew asks, “Will you marry me?” and April says, “Yes, yes!” Then jumps up and kisses Matthew as everyone looks on and applauds.

As April clings to Matthew she makes eye contact with Avery. (Dear April, Stick with Matthew. Love, Bridget.) Turns out Matthew asked Owen to keep April out of surgery so she would be available for his flash mob proposal.

Meanwhile Meredith is three weeks away her due date and the staff is treating her like, well, she’s very pregnant. Owen kicks Meredith out of a potentially dangerous OR (yep, there is another exploding OR on this show) and while roaming the halls looking for something to do Meredith takes a horribly scary fall down the stairs. Thankfully, she and the baby are both fine.

Speaking of babies Owen asks Meredith how she knew she wanted to adopt Zola. Meredith claims she just instinctively knew. Owen confesses that he is considering adopting Ethan if his father Paul doesn’t wake up from his coma. But because Cristina is so damn good at her job Paul does wake up and can now return to being Ethan’s guardian. Owen is relieved and heartbroken at the same time. He asks Cristina to transfer Ethan and Paul out of the hospital to free the spot for a potential storm patient.

And now for the storyline you’ve all been waiting for. Dr. Lauren returns to complete the baby’s facial surgery and to flirt nonstop with Arizona. Both women admit to “cyber-stalking” each other and joke about how they are both control freaks. These two giggle and stare at each other so much that I’m surprised no one else in the hospital notices. Their surgery is a big success and Lauren asks Arizona where the on-call room is.

Arizona says exactly what I’m thinking, “Wha—t? Why?”

Lauren: First night post-op. I like to stay close by in case anything happens.

Arizona: Oh wow you poor, poor control freak.

Lauren: Oh you really get me!

Arizona (nods and laughs): I really do.

Arizona leads Lauren into the on-call room and puts her hand out for a goodbye handshake. They women laugh and then hug, then the lights go out. In the shadows we can see that the women are kissing but when the lights come back on Arizona pulls away and says, “I can’t, I can’t. It was a pleasure meeting you” and she heads for the door.

Lauren pipes in, “Arizona, you are allowed to lose a little bit of control.”

Arizona pauses, locks the door and then turns around and starts kissing Lauren and undressing her.

And with that actress Jessica Capshaw tweeted:

In the last few seconds of the show, Alex gets really close to telling Jo how he feels (but then a tree smashes through his living room), Meredith’s water breaks and Callie roams the hallways looking for her wife.

What did you think of this episode? Are you shocked Arizona actually cheated? I am. What do you think is in store for next week’s season finale?

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