“R&B Divas” recap (2.2): First Class Divas (Or Not)


This week, R&B Divas was a whole barrel of drama. Like, drama up the wazoo. Up to our ears in drama. And let me say: some of these ladies are pushin’ it, y’all.

First, in good news, we get to see Faith’s face again, hurrah! I could listen to her calm, raspy voice all day. She’s here to sort out this SyleenaNicci drama that imploded last episode, and it is going to take some serious doing. Her plan is to add a neutral party to the mix in the form of legendary diva Angie Stone. The idea is that Angie’s seen it all and can bestow some of her wisdom on the feuding divas. Angie says of herself: “DIVA is determined, intelligent, victorious Angie.” Respect.

But the first time around that they all meet ends up a little rough. Well, every time they meet ends up a little rough, but let’s take it one drama at a time.

After Syleena’s given Faith her side of the story, all of the original divas meet up with Angie and Angie gives them a spiel about women not supporting each other in this business enough and how they can be role models in that respect if they make this tour work. It seems like a solid start. Then Syleena and Nicci start getting a little feisty, and Angie brings out the big guns. The big guns being a little bottle of anointing oil she carries around with her as a reminder of God’s blessing. And as everyone continues to argue, she walks over and anoints each of their foreheads with it and it is TOO MUCH. I feel like laughing at this proves I’m going to hell but we all know I’m going to hell anyway and seriously who carries anointing oil with them? A first class diva, that’s who.

Between the oil and the earrings, I think you’re set, girl.

Surprisingly, the person who really freaks out is Monifah. I think she’s just sick and tired of all this yammering and to be honest, I’m with her. And when she says the obvious, that everybody needs to work on their own shit, everyone gets defensive and throws it back on her, and she, like me, is just over it. Keke also gets emotional at one point and talks about how they’re not representing God right — anointing oil and all! And then that whole piece kind of dissolves. So. Sorry, Faith.

What should happen is that Nicci should stop being so crazy over an event (the mush) that didn’t even happen to her, but (supposedly) to Monifah. Monifah can take of herself. Syleena should also admit that she was perhaps a little overdramatic at her house. That said, I am still Team Syleena because I’d be pissed too if someone kept repeatedly declaring me to be an awful person to everyone who will listen. Case in point: after this first disastrous meeting, Nicci strategically attempts to get everyone on her side. First she meets with Faith and LaTocha, to draw in both the Group Leader and The New Girl. Things seem to be going OK until Nicci says that it’s not just her that has a problem with Syleena: everybody does! Mo does! Keke does! Even though we’ve never heard them complain? She then goes to Mo’s and tries to make her feel bad about her outburst with Angie, because as she tells the camera, a friend of her enemy is an enemy of hers. Man, Mo, you don’t need this. You are being shady as balls, Nicci.

Feeling slightly awkward.

“In better news LaTocha, your boobs like fantastic.” “Shucks, thank you!”

In less dramatic news, we also get to see more of LaTocha, first at her home with her husband and son. Her husband Rocky is also her manager, and they share some cute air time together but they’re no Keke and Michael. Probably because they appear much more functional, at least in a more peaceful sort of way. Her son is also amazing and adorable and I love him.

If you want more Keke and Michael, by the way, Michael now has his very own mini webseries on TVOne’s website, where you can get even more scenes like this:

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