Meredith Baxter and Patty Duke Already Want to Return for More “Glee”


What a long, strange, terrifying, moving, infuriating, hilarious, beautiful, terrible, exhausting trip it has been. I’m talking, of course, about the fourth season of Glee. But the finish line is finally upon us. Tonight, Fox will air the finale of the one of the most bizarre seasons of television in the history of the world. The focus, as we all know by now, will be on Kurt and Blaine’s potential engagement, and a big part of that storyline involves Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter, who play long-term lesbian life partners, Jan and Liz. Lesley Goldberg, our favorite entertainment journalist over at the The Hollywood Reporter, chatted with the pair recently and got the goods on tonight’s episode.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Jan and Liz own the jewelry shop where Blaine goes to buy an engagement ring for Kurt, but Jan is so touched by his sentiment that she invites Kurt and Blaine to double date with her and Liz. Over bread sticks and Breadstix, they drop a little gay rights history lesson on the fellas. According to THR:

It’s an ignored part of the part of the population, particularly since they have more disposable income and outnumber everyone else two-to-one,” Baxter says of the elderly gay couples. “We’re playing a couple who talk about how our relationship has evolved over the years. When they first got together, no one talked about being gay. They went to the prom with guys because you had to. There’s so many people today who don’t know the fights that were fought.”

Added Duke:

“These women don’t want to impose themselves on Blaine and Kurt, they just want to give them a hint of what has been and how far we’ve come — and how far we still have to go.”

(Check out the full article at THR.)

The best part about their interview with Lesley is that both women say they would love to return to Glee next season. I have scarcely heard a better idea in all my life. In fact, I vote to get rid of Will and Finn and bring on Jan and Liz for all of New Directions’ (and New New Directions’) mentoring needs.

Are you excited about seeing a longterm lesbian couple on Glee tonight? Or have you learned by now not to get excited by any Glee thing ever?

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