Natalie Maines knows lesbians love her


The Dixie Chicks have a way of making even non-country fans love their music. Whether it was “Goodbye Earl” or “Without You,” their songs transcended the genre, their musicianship so strong and frontwoman Natalie Maines‘ voice so recognizable. Then when Natalie spoke out against George W. Bush and created an anti-Chicks frenzy in the conservative areas of the country, Shut Up and Sing documented their journey from beloved trio to controversial political targets.

Natalie Maines is solo now, having just released her album Mother, and she is still not ready to make nice with haters. In fact, she’s still speaking her mind, and it’s probably not what some fans care to hear. In an interview with PrideSource, Natalie shared her view on the gay community — including her crush on Rachel Maddow. (Get in line girl!)

“The lesbians liked me already!” she said of her adorable new short ‘do. “Yeah, this is definitely a lesbianish haircut I’ve got going on. I don’t mind. I love Rachel Maddow. She would be my lesbian girl crush. She’s hot! And she’s smart and beautiful … and I like her hair.”

Natalie also talked about the homophobic culture of country music, saying she doesn’t think we’ll see a lot of country artists speaking out for equality in the near future. “I just think that’s the nature of country music,” she said. “I don’t know. I just don’t feel like they ever have. I have to think that Faith Hill has answered that question, honestly, and that she’s for gay marriage. I don’t know that she is, but I’ve spoken to her some and I know that she’s a pretty liberal person. I don’t keep up with her press so I don’t want to assume these people haven’t spoken out.”

A democrat who says she has aways supported women’s rights and LGBT equality, Natalie said has always felt the support from gay fans, but even more so after she took a stand against President Bush.

“After the controversy, I feel like there was even more of a connection, and that’s just because we both know how it feels to be hated just for who we are — not for doing anything, bothering anyone, murdering anyone or being arrested. Just for being us,” she said. “Apparently, that’s not good in some people’s eyes. But also, too, to just continue being and let other people get used to it — learning to be OK with yourself and just putting it out there, and people can either like you or not, but it’s really on them.”

Although Mother has Natalie making her own very different music, she said there’s still a chance for a Dixie Chicks reunion in the future.

“I’s possible. I’d say 50/50,” she told the site. “I try to not predict the future or project; I just really try to live in the now, so I’m open to it. I have no ill feelings about the Dixie Chicks. I think right now, it’s logistics. There are eight kids among the three of us and, for me, making an album takes a lot of focus and a lot of concentration and a lot of time, and I’m not willing to go to Texas to do that. I wouldn’t expect Martie and Emily to leave their families and come here to do that, either. I just think it’s really hard right now.”

In the meantime, we can enjoy Natalie going on her own.

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