“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.22): “Goodbye to You.”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Casey and Hallie got all randy after swapping memorabilia and had a dirty afternoon skate. This is how you know the Casey’s jersey is not game used because, take it from a girl who knows, there’s nothing sexy about the way hockey gear smells. Voight’s back on the job and on top of Antonio but only in a work way. Mills made everyone jealous with his rope and harness skills, got picked first in the game of Who Want to Severide’s Boyfriend, and was rewarded with some one-on-one gladiator style homoerotica. Severide meanwhile played dress uniform Ken, engaged in some witness tampering, and is all irritated that people are taking allegations of sexual assault seriously. The nerve! You want an asshat in charge who doesn’t mind sexual assault so much, try the Air Force.

We start with Severide doing his best witness tampering and intimidation once again. He is waiting for Tara in the parking lot outside a Walgreen’s, as you do when you’re an upstanding citizen, so they can talk about those allegations of sexual assault. He makes a snide comment about her promotion, she tells him to go away, and he yells some more about how they are going to file criminal charges and that he didn’t do anything to her. Let’s take a step back and imagine how terrifying this scene is if Severide actually assaulted this woman. He’s waiting for her which means he’s following her around, he starts screaming at her, while she’s just trying to mind her own business. Sure, we have a feeling she made the whole thing up but man, can we just take a second to imagine having to face the person who assaulted you when you’re just out buying tampons and Us Weekly?

In the land of consensual sex, Hallie is mostly nude and those of us with eyes thank you for it. She’s starting to get dressed but Casey pulls her back to bed and asks if they can just stay there all day. She’s all for it since we’ve seen her work what three and a half minutes total and he’s ready to have the truck pick him up on the way to any calls. Sure someone might burn to death but that’s no reason they shouldn’t give him some more time for a nice morning skate. Hallie coos and tells him that in twenty-four hours and one minute from now they’ll be back in the bed together. You, madame, have just tempted The Shonda, the goddess of suffering for happy couples. Don’t you watch Grey’s Anatomy and yell about all the medical shit that’s wrong like every other doctor I know?

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