Naya Rivera says Brittana is over


To say that Season 4 of Glee has been a roller coaster ride is to put it mildly. Brittana fans in particular have had their feelings thrown around like a Cheerio in a basket toss. The break up was hard enough, but fans of the couple also had to deal with Brittany moving on with Sam, not to mention the on air scolding heard round the blogosphere. Many fans held out hope that perhaps reconciliation was possible, but as the season dragged on, the more and more it began to feel like a pipe dream.

It is with a heavy heart #Gaysharks, that I tell you that it looks like Brittany and Santana will be going their separate ways, for good.

In an interview with E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, Naya Rivera talks about Santana and Brittany’s emotional finale scene this season. Regarding the scene, Rivera says:

Santana is figuring out what happens with Brittany’s character, and I come back and obviously get to talk to her, and sort of wrap things up, and it’s kind of sad.

Rivera is understandably vague about the future of a Brittana endgame, but it seems pretty clear that she wants Santana to pursue new adventures and romances.

“I would love to explore Santana as this independent adult living in this new city and what that means for her love life and all that good stuff,” she told E!

She does however have a lot of love for her fans, and acknowledges that they are “hard core.” She also says that of all the Glee cast members, her fans are the most dedicated.

So yes, it’s a rainy day for the Glee fandom, but rest assured there will surely be lots of support groups popping up on Tumblr to help deal with our many feels. This certainly will be the final straw for some fans that have been thinking of leaving the show since “The Break Up.” For others, this opens up a lot of possibilities for Santana’s storyline next season. Either way, it’s a game changer. From background players to stars, from pinky holding to scissor Skyping, to first real love and heartbreak, it’s been a hell of a ride Brittana.

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