Edie Windsor hated Bill Clinton and believes in hetero bed death


Edith Windsor is featured in the “Talk” profile of The New York Times magazine this week and she shared her opinions on all kinds of things, from how she felt about Bill Clinton when he passed DOMA (“Hated it. I hated him. I would trust no Clinton anywhere any time.”) and why she didn’t like hanging out with “flamboyant gay guys” pre-Stonewall (“They were just queerer. That’s the only way I could say it. I was a middle-class woman in New York. Thea and I had a lot of internalized homophobia as well. Then suddenly with Stonewall, they were heroes in our lives.”)

Photo by Christian Oth for The New York Times

Here’s what else we learned about Edie from the interview.

On never being a part of NOW (The National Organization fo Women):

The first thing they did was try to get rid of the lesbians in the organization. They said it was ruining how they looked. They were really separatists. There was so much negative male talk, and the men in my life were nice people.

Why lesbian bed death didn’t exist for Edie and her late partner, Thea:

We both stayed very much in love with each other in every way. She would likely use the word “crazy.” We were crazy in love. Today, what we really have is heterosexual bed death. The terrific divorce rate is coming from something.

On going to the original dyke march:

Well, I loved it, I thought it was great. I sang with them. Some went topless. I used to wish they would put on clothes. I was once saying something about disliking some of the extreme stuff to a straight friend, and she said, “Edie, somebody has to keep pushing the envelope.” I said: “I think you’re right. I apologize for everything I thought.”

Check out the rest of the Q&A in this week’s NYT magazine. (For the record, she’s since forgiven all Clintons.)

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