“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Do You Believe in Magic” (9.22)


In the latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy, a magic trick goes terribly wrong, Bailey is M.I.A. and there are lesbians popping up left and right.  (This was a good one.)

In the show’s opening scene a magician’s assistant is being taken out of an ambulance and raced into the hospital. The woman’s magician husband used an actual chainsaw to saw her in half. During the trick the trap door got stuck and because the chainsaw was so loud the magician couldn’t hear his wife’s pleads for help. Miraculously the woman survives, but not without a lot of drama first. Long story short, the other magician’s assistant (played by Underemployed‘s Michelle Ang) reveals that she is having an affair with the injured wife. The husband is shockingly understanding and bows out to allow the women to be together. (In what world would this happen?)

Meanwhile Bailey is still beating herself up over the loss of last week’s patients. Bailey has been cleared for surgery but now she fears her own hands. Callie has made it her mission to get Bailey to forgive them all but none of her tactics work. Bailey has locked herself inside the genome lab and refuses to see or speak to anyone. She has obsessively swabbed her hands and filled up an entire counter full of petri dishes to test herself over and over again. Even though all the tests are negative Bailey can’t move on.

As Callie busies herself with Bailey Arizona meets craniofacial specialist Dr. Lauren Boswell, played by Hillarie Burton.

I must say their first encounter is quite adorable. Arizona accidentally steals Lauren’s coffee order so Lauren snags Arizona’s cup in return. Then the women head off to Flirt City: Population 2. Arizona and Lauren have some serious chemistry, am I right?

Lauren is at the hospital this week because Avery flew her in to operate on an infant whose brain is growing on the outside of its head. Lauren will be working alongside Arizona which might not be the best idea.

Child actor Ethan returns yet again. As he waits for his dad to wake up from his coma Ethan plays soccer with Owen. Ethan’s grandmother decides to stop recess and drags him away from the hospital to rest at a hotel. Doesn’t Owen have any operations to perform? Ethan’s grandmother drags him away from the hospital to rest at a hotel. The episode doesn’t progress for long without Ethan reappearing at the hospital, this time as a patient. While at the hotel Ethan ingested his grandmother’s sleeping pills and overdosed. (Ok, now this storyline is getting ridiculous.) The hysterical grandmother tells Owen that she can’t care for Ethan and insists he’ll be better off with the CPS.

Cristina is working tirelessly to awaken Ethan’s father from his coma. Maybe if Ethan’s father gets better Owen will start paying attention to her again.

Cristina has a heart to heart with Owen and says,  “You want a kid, don’t you?”

Owen: “I want you.”

Cristina: “Owen?”

Owen: “I want you!”

I’d chose Dr. Cristina Yang over a kid any day.

April is in the pit dealing with three drunken vomiting bratty 21-year-olds. While bar-hopping the birthday girl ingested liquid nitrogen which destroyed her stomach. April and Avery team up to fix the young lady and April finally apologizes to Avery for her bad behavior.

Now back Arizona and Lauren. Callie eagerly busts in on Arizona and Lauren’s meeting to introduce herself. Callie is excited about the surgery Lauren is going to perform and is clueless about the sexual subtext in the room. As Lauren explains her medical plan Callie turns to Arizona and whispers, “I’m a little bit in love with her.”

Speaking of being in love, Alex is still mooning over Jo. He avoids her as much as he can but she seems to be popping up all over the hospital. (Maybe she’s a Cylon?) Now that Alex realizes he loves Jo he can’t even bear to look at her and when he does he yells at her. (I have the opposite reaction when I’m in love.) Alex inadvertently has caused a riff between Jo and her boyfriend Jason and now they are at odds. At the end of a long day Alex returns home from the bar to see Jo waiting for him. Alex tells her to go away but then Jo turns and reveals that her face has been badly beaten (presumably by Jason.) I cover my face and scream at the tv, “He beat her up?!” Jo begs Alex to let her stay the night at his house. We don’t see Alex letting her into the house but I’m sure he does.

After a day of avoiding everyone Bailey’s husband Ben arrives from Los Angeles to console his wife. Bailey lets him into the lab then stares at her hands. She tells him she feels dirty.

Bailey says, “They all died because of me.” Ben holds her, tells her it’s not her fault and rocks Bailey back and forth as she cries in his arms.

And of course the episode can’t end until we check back in with Arizona and Lauren. Arizona and Lauren have a nice convenient and private conversation together in the elevator

Lauren: “People tell you all the time that you have very pretty eyes? What are they hazel? Blue? They are blue.”

Arizona (stumbling): “I’m married. I’m happily married. You met her earlier today. Dr. Torres. Ortho. Hot. Talk about eyes. Pretty eyes. Magical. And I’m married. Also I have one leg.”

Lauren: “I know. Do you know how many Arizona Robbins there are on the internet? One. See you around.”

Lauren exits the elevator and Arizona smiles to herself. I’m not sure why I enjoyed this flirtation since I’m such a team Calzona fan. Now I’m questioning everything in my life. After watching this episode I found myself getting mad at my wife because somehow Arizona’s flirting is her fault. I told my wife that she must wear horse blinders when she goes out so she doesn’t make eye contact with any other women. (Am I going too far?)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you enjoy the Arizona/Callie/Lauren love triangle?

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